Jose Díaz

Professional Teacher
From Dominican RepublicLiving in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic (20:06 UTC-04:00)
Profesor con certificación ELE y 5 años de experiencia.
About Me
italki teacher since Oct 20, 2021
Hello there! My name is José Díaz, I am a Certified Tutor. I live in the Dominican Republic and I have 5 years of experience teaching people how to speak my language.

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57 Reviews

Gabe Canuteson
21 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Jose was very clear and organized in his approach. Even in the first lesson, he gave me some extremely helpful tips to improve my Spanish. I look forward to taking more lessons with him.
Nov 28, 2021
Máirtín de cañada
13 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I like everything we are doing, we are moving along pretty fast. Jose is a great teacher. He is funny and easy to get along with. He has the right amount of strictness that keeps you on your learning track. 10/10
Nov 20, 2021
3 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Amazing teacher! Very patient, attentive, organized, and professional! His classes are super interesting and dynamic—I genuinely look forward to our next class:)
Nov 3, 2021
12 Spanish lessons
As an adult learner, working with José has been fantastic. He's patient, encouraging, understands how to teach, and keeps the lessons fun. We'll typically start off with talking about recent life, how things are going, other topics of interest. We try to keep it to Spanish, but not strict about it--switching to add clarity where it makes sense for subtle things. He has a whole host of exercises to go through to teach and learn methodically, but that typically takes up less of the time --less drilling, more discussion and elaboration. For me, this works out to an excellent balance, and I am sure he can work out the right balance for you, too. Book him for a lesson--you won't regret it.
Jan 16, 2023
16 Spanish lessons
Como siempre - divertido y interesante!
Jan 16, 2023
4 Spanish lessons
This professor did an outstanding job. He is very patient , kind and prepared. He made me feel comfortable and he is easy to talk to the professor didn’t make me feel uncomfortable when I pronounced something wrong he gave positive and encouraging constructive feedback. The first lesson was extremely organized and professional . The professor gave an introduction, a placement test, then we went over goals which was exciting for me because I believe with this strategic plan I will achieve my goals in no time. He also gave my material based on my learning style to review and practice until the next lesson . I am excited and anxious. I cannot wait until the next lesson. Thanks again, Jose.
Jan 15, 2023
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