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Spanish conversation with a Dominican Twist. It would be my pleasure to help you achieve your goals
From Dominican RepublicLiving in La Vega, Dominican Republic (04:09 UTC-04:00)
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italki teacher since Nov 4, 2021
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Hello there. I was born and currently live in the Domincan Republic and I am married with a son. Whilst I have no formal teaching qualifications I have taught my British husband Spanish from no language skills at all to now being fluent and I also taught my son who is 14 to be bi lingual Spanish English. I think being able to converse in two or more languages is a real benefit in life and it would be my pleasure to help you on your Spanish language Journey. When I am not taking care of my family I like to exercise my mind and I am currently learning Korean. I enjoy cooking , walking and reading and my biggest joy is my garden especially growing and keeping Orchids of which I have over 150.

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Las expresiones, frases o palabras más populares de la República Dominicana.
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3 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
This was my first time using italki. I have to say that for my very first lesson ever, Mrs. Yris made it special for me. So was so kind! She complimented my pronunciation and encouraged me to review the new vocabulary we discussed today. She was so helpful and fun. We laughed together and I really look forward to booking my next class with her. I’m very familiar with Spanish, but I have never reach a level of fluency and am out of practice a bit. Today, Mrs. Yris made me feel so comfortable and welcome. She smiled a lot and her lesson was easy to understand. She made sure I understood what she said. Estoy emocionada por la siguiente clase! 😊 Muchas gracías Señora Yris!
Nov 4, 2023
Herman Lai
23 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Yris is the best Spanish teacher. She is very patient with me and listen carefully to my grammar, pronunciation and correct me. I am able to feel more confident as I continue my lesson with her. I highly recommend Yris.
Sep 6, 2023
Marquee Lopez
2 Spanish lessons
Another great class with YRiS . Today I was so grateful that she taught me numerous Dominican phrases that Dominicans use on a daily basis . Thank you again YRiS for a great class ☺️
Nov 30, 2023
45 Spanish lessons
Great lesson
Nov 29, 2023
Marquee Lopez
2 Spanish lessons
First time meeting Yris today. Even though we scheduled to meet months prior to this , I am so grateful we both was able to enjoy each other time and have a very efficient class . Yris speaks very smooth and slow enough for you to understand and also the perfect fit if you are interested in learning Dominican Spanish .
Nov 29, 2023
3 Spanish lessons
Yris es muy paciente y me da el tiempo necesario para convertirme en un mejor hablante de español. Muchas gracias.
Nov 13, 2023
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