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Chinese (Mandarin)
14 years ESL exp. Specializing in IELTS, Interview, Business, Daily life, pronunciation and Fluency
From United StatesLiving in Chon Buri, Thailand (09:33 UTC+07:00)
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italki teacher since Oct 27, 2021
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I’m an American businessman, educator, teacher and trainer that’s lived in China and SE Asia for over 15 years. Living in Asia for that many years and being able to understand cultural differences allows me to teach my students from an insiders prospective as I understand what real English speaking and communicating is. I also am fluent in Chinese so I know the ups and downs of learning a second language. At this stage of my life I enjoy helping students reach their goals whether it’s a businessperson involved with a multinational company or a student looking for a 7.5 in IELTS. I do enjoy going to the beach, riding motorcycles, snowboarding and hanging out with friends.

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Daily life conversation English ** ( NO KIDS )
B1 -  C2

Conversation Practice

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IELTS 5.5-6.5
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Test Preparation

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Test Preparation

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American pronunciation and fluency training ** ( NO KIDS )
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Conversation Practice

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Customized high level lessons for business people, students and non native speakers living in America that need to understand the deeper meaning of the English language and culture for everyday life
B2 -  C2

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Customized Interview prep/ Academic and Business
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79 Reviews

29 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Jonathan is an exceptional English teacher, bringing a unique blend of expertise, versatility, and dynamism to every lesson. His profound understanding of English's many facets, from literature to everyday language use, creates a rich learning environment that sparks curiosity and builds confidence. His teaching style adapts seamlessly to any topic, fostering not just knowledge, but a genuine appreciation for the language. In a nutshell, Jonathan’s lessons are a transformative linguistic voyage that elevates you from a mere learner to a confident, articulate English speaker. A true game-changer in language instruction.
May 25, 2023
Hoan Dao
13 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Very cool teacher and class! He might be sometimes brutally honest, but it definitely gives you an extra push to get out of your comfort zone tand take your English to the next level. Jonathan is also very funny and he cracked me up many times during our class. Definitely a positive experience and I'm looking forward to more classes with him!
Feb 12, 2023
61 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
A big shout out to Jonathan, the best teacher in the world. Just got back my ielts result and got an overall 8 and 7 in speaking. Wouldn't get this score on the first try without the help from Jonathan. Thank you so much!
Nov 18, 2022
10 English lessons
Mar 29, 2023
4 English lessons
Thank you so much. See you next class.
Mar 22, 2023
10 English lessons
Mar 19, 2023
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