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italki teacher since Oct 25, 2021
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I am an English Speaking South African lady. I speak two other languages, Afrikaans and French . I currently work as a video editor and voice-over artist. My hobbies include among other things, reading, outdoor life, watching movies, baking and staying current with global news and current affairs. I really enjoy meeting new people especially from different walks of life and different cultures. I am presently studying in my spare time to get my certification as a TEFL teacher.

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20 English lessons
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I really enjoy every lessons with you! I love the way we communicated and the topics we talked about, which were new and inspiring. I do appreciate your passion for every students, and what you share with me(your unique ideas come from your life, which are awesome and provide me with brand new perspective towards world). Today we chatted a lot, from the glowing plants to the prefer question. I am fond of your wise opinions, which are wise and heartwarming. Specifically for the last question, would you prefer to be an actor or a sporter. Not only did I learn more vocabularies and idioms to describe the short life of sport career, but I also was inspired by what you said. We should never look down on ourselves ,even though it is hard sometime. And we should not be too stressful, nervous or sad about our body, ourselves. Thank a lot, Rita. As for me, you are more than my English teacher. I love your smile ,BTW. :)
Aug 16, 2023
Tiger Yao
57 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Thank you, Rita, for delivering an exceptional spoken English lesson. Your expertise and guidance have been invaluable in improving my language skills. Your approach to teaching is commendable, and I appreciate the effort you put into making every class engaging and informative. Your dedication to your craft is truly inspiring, and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from you. Once again, thank you for your wonderful contribution to my learning journey.
May 25, 2023
Santiago Souza
1 English lesson
Teacher’s pick
I loved the lesson with Rita, I confess that I was very nervous about it (never had lessons in English) but she was so lovely and nice that in 2 minutes I was relaxed and just talking with so ease. Also, loved how Rita showed up with a lot of topics about things that I have an interest, that is what makes the lesson so funny and casual.
Jun 11, 2022
Sofía Rubin
2 English lessons
Rita is an amazing teacher, I felt confident and comfortable. She has a great personality.
Dec 7, 2023
10 English lessons
Rita is very patient, like an elderly friend. I enjoy her English class very much
Nov 27, 2023
54 English lessons
I appreciate very much lessons with Rita. Every time I learn a lot of new material in a very pleasant way.
Nov 21, 2023
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