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From South AfricaLiving in Ethekwini, South Africa (17:46 UTC+02:00)
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italki teacher since Oct 21, 2021
I am a South African and a native English speaker with over 5 years experience as a private tutor. Furthermore, I teach Psychology, Criminology and Sociology lessons. I also teach IsiZulu and help with homework. I have a cum-laude degree in Psychology and a BSc Honors in Psychology. I have experience with qualitative research. Currently doing a Masters by Dissertation: Psychology. I also specialize in data entry work, proofreading and editing. I believe in not limiting yourself to one thing. There are countless opportunities at your disposal.

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73 Reviews

5 English lessons
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helpful advices and always responsible ,willing to help me with my oral English
Dec 3, 2021
11 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Thank you Tiny for another great English lesson! :)
Nov 29, 2021
11 English lessons
I really enjoyed all of her lessons. We were able to connect nicely and vibe really well. As a soon-to-be psychologist, she excels in her field and provided me with excellent advice. Given how comfortable I feel conversing with Tiny, I think she will be of great assistance to others. She is quite helpful, and I can speak openly about anything. Having a tutor like Tiny is wonderful. All the best for your future endeavours, Tiny! 🙌🏻✨
Feb 22, 2023
11 English lessons
The lesson was great! Although the topic for today was pretty general, it turned out to be fascinating. We spoke about individuals, families, and work most of the time. When it comes to expressing ideas or opinions about something, there are no right or wrong answers. As usual, I enjoyed having a conversation with Tiny 😃
Jan 30, 2023
11 English lessons
We had an interesting conversation about friendship. It was really an enjoyable lesson because I could relate to this topic and I was telling stories before answering the questions. As we discussed this topic further, I was able to express myself and expand my vocabulary. It is preferable to learn a new word every day by applying it, which means putting it into practice rather than memorizing it. As always, Tiny never disappoints me. In every lesson, I feel that I have overcome my fear of talking with people. I don't think I can truly put into words how I feel right now. Thank you, Tiny, and see you soon! :)
Jan 24, 2023
11 English lessons
Tiny brought up another interesting topic about immigration, and I'm really surprised and thrilled to discuss this because I had a conversation with my family members about it a few days ago. This time, I was sharing and giving my opinions about it, and so far there has been no objection from Tiny. I guess I did pretty well throughout the session. Even though Tiny looked a bit restless, she still continued with the session. As always, she's still cheerful, and I really admire her efforts. I also understand that she doesn't want to disappoint her students. Anyway, I really enjoyed our usual conversation. See you soon, Tiny! :)
Jan 19, 2023
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