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From FranceLiving in Saint-閠ienne, France (05:13 UTC+06:00)
🌟🤓💐 From A1 to B2 in 20 hours lessons ! 🌟🤓💐 True beginner accepted 🌟🤓💐
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italki teacher since Oct 29, 2021
Je m'appelle Abdellah, je suis née et je vie en France, j'ai développé cette passion qui est d'apprendre de nouvelles langues et aujourd'hui j'aimerai partager avec vous toutes les astuces qui vous feront progresser en langue française de façon rapide et efficace. Hello ! My name is Abdellah, I was born and I live in France, one of my hobby is to learn foreign languages and today I would like to share with you all the tricks and tips that will make your French language improve efficiently

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🌟🤓💐 From A1 to C2, Become fluent in french ! Conversations ONLY 🌟🤓💐 (opening my schedule every week for the 2 next week 🌟🤓💐)
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169 Reviews

Güney Özcan
22 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
I am so happy that I found Sékimi. He is a great teacher. He is always positive and patient, and very passioned about teaching french. I started learning french five months ago from zero, and today I can have any kind of conversation in french. I really recommend him to everyone who is serious about learning french. He corrects my mistakes and even teaches the small things thats only the native-frenchspeakers know. Its such a pleasure working on my french with him.
Nov 19, 2022
60 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
The lessons are just fantastic. The teacher not only teaches me vocabulary through conversation, but also teaches me great ways to learn and memorise them by myself. Through having class with him, I’ve learnt so much. Before I take the lessons, I know nothing about french, now, I can have simple conversations with him within classes for only 7 hours!
Aug 18, 2022
Alicia 可歆
21 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Merci beaucoup Sékimi ! He is very kind, and he know exactly the level I'm at when I speak with him, and help me a lot with the grammar point that I don't know or don't remember how to say. I feel very comfortable to have class with him! And feel improved just after class! can't wait to have class again!
Nov 28, 2021
Laura Manuela
1 French lesson
I had a very first great lesson with Sékimi, he made it very engaging with interesting questions. He corrected my mistakes in a great way that I could learn from them and continue talking without any fear. thank you so much. looking forward to learn french with you.
Mar 28, 2023
60 French lessons
It has been such a long time since I have seen this teacher! But I still can remember most of the French words! He is such a good teacher who helps me to memorize deeply by doing revision for the words for several times.
Mar 26, 2023
1 French lesson
I had a great class with Sékimi. He helped me find new ways to study and showed me a new approach to enhance my learning experience in the French language which allowed me to become motivated once again to keep working on perfecting my communication skills in this language. Thank you Sékimi.
Mar 24, 2023
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