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Hi everybody! I'm Melike from Turkey. I have been working as an English Language Teacher for 15 years. Learning and teaching new things in every field are my desires so I love to travel, make friends, listen to stories of people, talk about other cultures, languages, history, traveling, etc. In my free time, I read books, search for the subjects I am curious about, travel, watching documentaries and movies, do diy projects, try new recipes and also love animals :) I'm willing to listen others’ life experience while sharing mine. I'm energetic but patient, positive, and friendly.

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30 Turkish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Melike is a wonderful teacher! She is kind and patient with me and I always feel comfortable in class, even when I make mistakes. Melike always makes the classes about topics that I am interested in which keeps the classes fun and relevant to my life. She provides me with learning resources to work with, my favourites are the stories she sends me to read. I would highly recommend Melike at a teacher! You will not regret it!
May 26, 2023
36 Turkish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Melike is a great teacher, she knows what each student needs and plans the lesson according to that. Her teaching techniques are extremely professional. She is so kind and has an amazing personality, she always makes me laugh. I’m so happy that she is helping me in my language-learning journey.
Nov 23, 2022
29 Turkish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Great lesson with Melike! As an interpreter, I mainly self-study grammer etc. and use iTalki lessons as a way of activating what I´ve studied. Melikes classes are amazing for that! We agreed on some topics that I would like to talk about, and before the lessons, she gives me a lot of useful vocabulary and phrases that are related to that topic and very practial for real-life situations. She prepares questions and fun, challenging exercises that intend to improve my speaking skills while using those new words. I can really recommend her to everyone!
Jun 13, 2022
72 Turkish lessons
Melike is a wonderful teacher. She is patient and make you comfortable. I was able to start speaking Turkish thanks to her. From 0.
Feb 11, 2024
Stephanie Emra
22 Turkish lessons
Melike is a super teacher, always high-energy and a real professional. She provides exercises, which are worked through in class with a focus on speaking, or given as homework. She provides all vocabulary from the exercises as flashcards via Quizlet, as well as a custom Quizlet deck from our lessons. She also sends links for videos with the vocabulary and grammar for each class. She is truly an experienced professional and can provide explanations for difficult grammar concepts, tips and tricks for navigating pitfalls of learning Turkish, as well,if wanted, short explanations of linguistic history and patterns to help understand and memorise new words and phrases. I highly recommend her classes!
Jan 5, 2024
9 Turkish lessons
Teacher Melike is a very skilled and friendly teacher. She provides you with homework and materials and is very patient. She has very creative plans and makes sure she aims for exactly what you want and need. Her materials will always keep you progressing and will help a lot with reviewing. She was very prepared and organised for the lesson, even though this was my first lesson since a very long pause. Thank you very much Teacher Melike.
Nov 17, 2023
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