Korean teacher Hyun 박선생님

Hyun 박선생님

Professional Teacher
Chinese (Mandarin)
Teacher at colleges in the U.S. for over 10 years
From Republic of KoreaLiving in Bangkok, Thailand (00:03 UTC+07:00)
About Me
italki teacher since Oct 29, 2021
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While teaching Korean at colleges for the past few decades, I have continuously witnessed the high demands of Korean education following the global popularity of Korean culture. Now I don't teach full-time but want to help those who wish to master Korean online. I want to make you express yourself in Korean no matter what your level. I aim to provide a quality education to anyone who wishes to learn Korean at an affordable rate. I'm a professional, patient, and friendly Korean teacher who have experienced teaching of all levels and knows how to teach Korean efficiently and correctly.

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78 lessons completed
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Beginner to Basic Korean (50 min): 5-lesson package
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1,303 lessons completed
USD 23.00
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Intermediate & Advanced Korean (50 min): 5-lesson package
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USD 28.00
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88 Reviews

Student Simon
39 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
Park Seonsaengnim is my favorite teacher (out of 6) which I ever worked together through iTalki. Context: My starting level was around late beginner as I could read and write and spoke some phrases. I intend to study over a period of more than one year and after more than 20 classes I can wholeheartedly state to have found the right teacher for a long-term teaching relationship. King Sejong Institute material is the main class content. Besides being easily accessible (no additional cost for book, workbook and audio files) I found it to work well for me. Park Seonsaengnim is a very intelligent and warm person. She is a good motivator, listener and has very clear pronunciation. My favorite part about our classes is her humor and her unique ability to transfer Korean ideas or cultural/language context into western perspective. She excels in that also due to her teaching experience in the US and thereby her very strong English skills. I always look forward to our classes. Thank you!
Nov 2, 2023
Student Sherita Guetter
Sherita Guetter
153 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have been learning Korean with Hyun선행님 for a year and a half now and as I look back on my progress over this time period, I notice a big improvement in my reading, speaking and listening skills. I thank Hyun all the time for her patience with me after class and her reply has always been that she enjoys teaching and it's evident in her smiles, her patience and in the structured materials she provides. She's a wonderful teacher to have and if you take her classes, you'll notice an improvement yourself when you look back on your own progress. 선생님, 고맙습니다.
Oct 30, 2023
Student Alexandra
48 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
I've had about a dozen lessons with 박선생님 and I'm learning a ton of new things. Her lessons are very well organized and allow you to practice all your skills, speaking listening and reading. She's very patient and knowledgable, and also speaks very good English, which is very helpful for a beginner who needs clear grammar explanations. I already feel more confident saying simple sentences in Korean. 감사합니다!
Jun 22, 2022
Student stila178
15 Korean lessons
May 30, 2024
Student stila178
15 Korean lessons
Mar 20, 2024
Student Adam Mitchell
Adam Mitchell
5 Korean lessons
I've really appreciated Hyun's teaching style. Teaching me historical perspective of the Korean language, as well as referring to K-pop and K-Dramas to help me with pronunciation and vocabulary.
Feb 27, 2024
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