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Sheyha Hout

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Khmer (Cambodian)
Filipino (Tagalog)
Teacher with over 8 years experience of tutoring individuals
From CambodiaLiving in Siem Reab, Cambodia (09:11 UTC+07:00)
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italki teacher since Nov 17, 2021
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My name is Sheyha Hout. I am a Cambodian, currently living in the north part of Cambodia. I have loved learning languages since I was young. So, I am glad to work as a Language Teacher of Khmer Language.

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111 Reviews

Student Henry Ngo
Henry Ngo
5 Khmer (Cambodian) lessons
Teacher’s pick
Amazing session with Sheyha! I l learned so much in our trial lesson and thankfully have found a teacher / method to fully immerse myself in learning Khmer. I have tried mobile apps, youtube videos, and even books to learn Khmer, but this session with Seyha made me more confident than ever to learn quickly and proficiently. Looking forward to our future sessions together.
Oct 27, 2023
Student Dave W. Ouellette
Dave W. Ouellette
28 Khmer (Cambodian) lessons
Teacher’s pick
I really enjoy my lessons with Seyha. He is always very well prepared and he gives me practical advice on how to use Khmer in my daily life. He is very polite and professional and I will continue booking lessons with him!
Jan 17, 2023
Student Erica
152 Khmer (Cambodian) lessons
Teacher’s pick
As there are very few Khmer teachers on italki, I wasn’t sure I would be able to find someone who I would work well with. However, having my now 5th lesson with Sheyha, I am very impressed by how quickly I am getting better. It’s just like having fun conversation and I always enjoy my lesson.
Jun 29, 2022
Student Evan T
Evan T
12 Khmer (Cambodian) lessons
Bong Sheyha always teaches an enjoyable and informative lesson. Very high quality.
Apr 13, 2024
Student Jeff
7 Khmer (Cambodian) lessons
Excellent, each session is wonderful. Thank you!
Apr 12, 2024
Student Ian
58 Khmer (Cambodian) lessons
I have now had more than 50 lessons from Seyha. Without exception, he is always punctual, well prepared and very friendly. The lessons are very practical and he knows the theory and grammar well so that he can explain the concepts of the Khmer language clearly. There are not many teachers of the Khmer language around so I am really greatful to have found him. My progress has been amazing.
Mar 27, 2024
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