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• Certified ELE Teacher ✔️ • Take your ESPAÑOL to the NEXT LEVEL🔝😎
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¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás?🤗 My name is Carmen, I am a peruvian girl📍 who loves ♥️ teaching her native language to people from different parts of the world 🌍. As a Spanish teacher I have seen the great progress that my students have had and how they can develop in any situation of their life by speaking only in spanish.💫 •During my process as a teacher, I have developed my own method where you as a student will not only be able to learn vocabulary, grammar, writing, etc, but also from the first day we will focus on oral skills 💬💬💬 because MY CLASSES ARE IMMERSIVE. We will put you in real situations where you will have to develop your speaking🤓. ¿Genial, no? great, isn't it? 🌟👀

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259 Reviews

Student Kendall
46 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
carmen's classes are 🔥 always enjoy my time with her and wish i can spend more time with her. she isn't as available as she use to be as her classes are more popular! each class is always challenging for my level yet still within reach to build upon previous lessons and fun enough to make progress
Aug 18, 2023
Student Susan
26 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I tried multiple teachers on iTalki before sticking with Carmen. I like the conversation practice because Carmen prompts me with questions, so I don't have to think of topics, and when I struggle with words or grammar, she tells me the correct phrases and puts them in the chat so I can refer to them. I could see her being professional enough for like, my mom to take lessons with, but she's still cool with me. Sometimes she has an accompanying powerpoint with new vocabulary on it, which is my favorite part because I also don't know a lot of vocabulary. It's really the best of every world.
Jun 29, 2023
Student Rhett
12 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Carmen is awesome! I've been taking some classes with her for some time now and she's by far my favorite. She always asks really good questions that make me think and use a wider variety of vocabulary. Makes it fun and interesting so time flies. I already feel much more confident in my language skills.
Jun 7, 2023
Student robert tempest
robert tempest
2 Spanish lessons
Está noche había el mejor lección he tenido en tres años. Carmen ha preparado exactamente las ejercicios que yo necesitaba. Estoy tratando aprender más sobre el subjuntivo presente. Aunque, el subjuntivo es un poco difícil para los estudiantes extranjeros, Carmen usaba ejercicios que fueran retadores pero, divertidos. Me encanta aprender español con Carmen. Espero mucho nuestros próximos lecciones.
Jul 14, 2024
Student Antonio Arzadon
Antonio Arzadon
2 Spanish lessons
Era un placer a conocer Carmen por la primera vez. Nos hablamos de cosa diferente de la vida ella es muy amable y de pura vida. Me encanta conocerla
Jul 9, 2024
Student robert tempest
robert tempest
2 Spanish lessons
Lo ha estado mucho tiempo desde hace mi última lección y por la razón estaba un poco nervioso. Sin embargo, Carmen fue tan agradable y encantador mis nerviosos desolvados. Acabo de reservar, más lecciones con ella y me espero mucho nuestra próxima lección. Recomendaría Carmen a alguien.
Jul 4, 2024
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