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Let's Talk in Spanish & Travel to Puerto Rico with the expertise from a Local + Medical Tutor.
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Hello! My name is Sylvette I live in the Island of Puerto Rico my native language is Spanish but I do speak, write and understand English. I have a University Bachelor's degree on Administration. Also I study in the best Medical School from the Caribbean - Universidad Central del Caribe I got a GA on Medical Imaging on X-ray & Mammography. My favorite class is Anatomy! I love to help people and this is a great way to do it as a Community Tutor. I enjoy traveling my Island, writing on my blog and I'm also a content creator. I'm Married and have 1 dog :) Check my Calendar if you need a special accommodation Contact me to see if I can help you (Saturday & Sundays are not eligible for classes).

Spanish Lessons

Spanish CONVERSATION Class Intermediate or Advance. General Topic, read class details and verified my other classes information 18+ ONLY ADULTS
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Conversation Practice

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USD 8.00+
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Conversation Practice

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USD 15.00+
TOURISM - PUERTO RICO Vocabulary Slang, History, Moving to PR practice your Spanish with a Local.
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103 Reviews

Student Jael
9 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have been trying to learn Spanish for a long time. I can honestly say that Sylvette is the best Spanish teacher I've ever had. I love learning with her! She makes each lesson fun, and she's so encouraging. She is very nice and extremely patient. I never feel embarrassed to ask questions or make mistakes. She always breaks everything down for me. She adjusts the lessons to what I want to talk about. When I take classes with Sylvette, I feel like I am talking with a friend. I've really noticed growth in my Spanish comprehension, and we have been speaking in Spanish together more. She is a native Puerto Rican. I have a lot of family and friends in Puerto Rico, so she helps me with what I need to know for getting around Puerto Rico. I feel more comfortable with talking in Spanish now, and my confidence is growing. I have finally found my favorite Spanish teacher! You won't regret taking a lesson with Sylvette. Thank you, Sylvette!!
Feb 9, 2024
Student Maureen Gates
Maureen Gates
31 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
My confidence speaking Spanish, with a focus on Medical Spanish, continues to improve because of my lessons with Sylvette. I am going to work at a medical clinic in Mexico next month and because of her lessons and all of our practicing, I am confident in my abilities to provide medical care to my patients. Also, my ability to work with Spanish speaking patients at my hospital has greatly improved too. I absolutely recommend Sylvette if you are looking to improve your medical Spanish. She's also really cool and interesting too, so I am always excited for our lessons because I really enjoy just talking with her about life!
May 14, 2022
Student Beverly Tuazon
Beverly Tuazon
15 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I moved to Puerto Rico last year and have been trying to learn more Spanish. I specifically wanted a tutor who is from the island and finding Sylvette was great! She is fun, motivating, helpful, and patient! She helps me understand Spanish in general and also pronunciation and sayings that are unique to Puerto Rico. I enjoy our lessons and appreciate that Sylvette always shows up on time and with a smile. :D The lessons are relaxed, like having coffee with a friend, and I learn a lot. She has helped me with day-to-day themes, like going to the doctor's office, to interesting themes, like traveling across the island. ¡Muchas gracias, Sylvette!
Apr 12, 2022
Student Chris Chhoeun
Chris Chhoeun
3 Spanish lessons
mi profesora favorita. siempre una lección tan genial
May 30, 2024
Student Chris Chhoeun
Chris Chhoeun
3 Spanish lessons
Muchas gracias por la leccion! Creo que mi pronunciacion es mal, pero poco a poco yo aprendo. Sylvette tiene mucha paciencia, y siempre ella es muy simpatica
May 21, 2024
Student Chris Chhoeun
Chris Chhoeun
3 Spanish lessons
Amazing teacher!!! She was very friendly, and patient. I can’t wait for the next lesson. Gracias!
May 15, 2024
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