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Yuki Okuda

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From JapanLiving in Osaka, Japan (22:28 UTC+09:00)
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italki teacher since Oct 29, 2021
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I always like interacting with languages and other cultures. From my experience of learning some languages, I get how it's fun and challenging. Besides Japanese, I also speak English and some Vietnamese and am learning Hindi right now. I have many hobbies such as traveling, sewing and making patterns, reading, working out, listening to music (I'm bad at playing musical instruments!), watching movies, and taking care of plants!

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149 Reviews

Student Simone Aguena
Simone Aguena
47 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Yuki san is a very good person and a great teacher! I have been looking for a Japanese teacher for some time but none matched my needs. I think my case is quite challenging because I understand Japanese to some level but I am a complete beginner in certain areas of the language, like grammar. Regular classes can be either too easy or too difficult for me. Yuki san has the patience and the interest in filling this gap making classes interesting and mind blowing at times. :-) She’s kind and we share some common interests which makes conversation classes so funny and interesting. She puts you at ease so I don’t feel bad by making mistakes. I feel motivated to speak and to study more. After some months working with her I can certainly recommend Yuki sensei ! :-)
Dec 9, 2023
Student Hannah
22 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Yuki always manages to keep the conversation flowing even when I struggle to find the right words to communicate my ideas in Japanese. Learning a foreign language can be a stressful experience but lessons with Yuki are always enjoyable :)
Jun 29, 2023
Student Thyme
126 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Yuki-san is an excellent instructor with a very strong understanding of the English language. She is patient, accommodating, and does a great job answering any questions. For those of us who have busy schedules, Yuki-san is a great choice because she helps you progress in some way with every lesson. She is absolutely as capable as any professional Japanese instructor I have met, if not more so. She is also very good at sewing.
Mar 22, 2023
Student Christopher
152 Japanese lessons
This was my final lesson with Yuki sensei. I have only reached my current level of Japanese because of Yuki san’s help and encouragement. She is not only a fantastic teacher, but also a brilliant person. Our conversations were always my favourite time of the week. Thanks for everything Yuki san!
Jul 13, 2024
Student Ipek
12 Japanese lessons
Yuki-san, it was very nice to see you again! Thank you so much for this challenging, yet fun and rewarding lesson. I'm looking forward to getting better at Japanese. またね! :)
Jun 9, 2024
Student Kevin Xing
Kevin Xing
3 Japanese lessons
Thanks. Very nice teaching.
Dec 24, 2023
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