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Enthusiastic and practical teacher Who can speak fluent English with +5 years of teaching experience
From Republic of KoreaLiving in Paris, France (15:03 UTC+01:00)
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italki teacher since Nov 19, 2021
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안녕하세요, 여러분! 만나서 반가워요! 🇰🇷 Hello everyone! I'm super excited to meet you! 🇬🇧 Bonjour tout le monde! Enchanté !🇨🇵 🇬🇧I'm ✔️Native Korean ✔️Who can speak fluent English ✔️and have + 5 years experience of teaching ✔️has done many translation work as well. 🇨🇵Je suis ✔️ Coréenne ✔️Qui peut parler couramment l'anglais ✔️J'ai + 5 ans d'expérience dans l'enseignement ✔️ J'ai également effectué de nombreux travaux de traduction. 🇬🇧and as a Korean teacher, I ✔️try my best to avoid typical and boring lessons, ✔️encourage you to speak as much as you can, ✔️so that you will be able to TALK with Korean people. So if you want to have some special Korean leaning time, let's start with me!

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226 Reviews

Maggie Lei
45 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
Even after my 40th lesson with 디아 씨, every lesson was just as exciting as the last one! She's very kind and funny and makes learning such a joy. I've learned so much and now I'm more comfortable speaking in Korean since you have to speak so much in class! Speaking and conversing in the language you're learning is so important and I wouldn't have gotten that experience from just textbooks and YouTube videos. Not once in the past half year of classes together have I regret a single lesson with 디아 씨!
Jan 26, 2024
Mia D.
95 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
제가 2022년 07월부터 디아 씨하고 레슨들은 했고 디아 씨는 진짜 너무 대단한 선생님이에요! 학생들에게 열정적이고 협조적이에요. 학생의 삶에 항상 관심이 있어요. 솔직히 디아 씨하고 레슨 하기 골라서 진짜 행복해요. 사실 레슨 끝나면 슬픈데 좋은 방향으로요 ㅎㅎㅎ. 디아 씨 때문에 저는 제 한국어 기술이 더 좋아요. 디아 씨 선생님 100% 추천해요!! 배우기 계속하는 신나고 디아 씨하고 레슨 계속 할게요~!💜
Jan 4, 2024
14 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
I am extremely happy that I have 디아 씨 as my teacher ❤️ The lessons are really fun, full of laughter, but also informative and well-structured. My speaking skills are very poor, but 디아 씨 never pushes me, rather encourages me, so I feel more at ease. I really appreciate that she speaks a lot of Korean during the lessons, so I get a lot of comprehensible input. I highly recommend 디아 씨 as she is a great teacher and an awesome person overall 😊
Jan 2, 2024
3 Korean lessons
I had two lessons with Dia so far and I must say that her lessons are very engaging and fun. Dia is a very friendly teacher, so I feel very comfortable to talk to her in Korean even though my Korean is not perfect at all. Lessons are very well-planned and I enjoy the discussions during the lessons, which help me to improve my speaking skills. Dia would also write down sentences that I said to correct my grammar, which is very useful in my opinion. I would 100% recommend Dia.
Feb 21, 2024
10 Korean lessons
Just finished another lesson and another chapter done! I’m so excited with my progress and so grateful I see myself improving not only in my knowledge but my confidence to speak and be ok with making mistakes. Lessons are structured well and every lesson leaves me feeling more excited for the next one!
Feb 12, 2024
Carine Quek
15 Korean lessons
Great and mind blowing session today HAHA!
Jan 26, 2024
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