AbdelRahman Hashem

Professional Teacher
Arabic (Levantine)
Arabic (Modern Standard)
Experienced Arabic teacher to non-native speakers, with more than 7 years of experience.
From JordanLiving in Amman, Jordan (23:53 UTC+03:00)
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italki teacher since Nov 17, 2021
Passionate Arabic instructor for non-native speakers with more than 7 years of experience

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25 Reviews

Catie Kemp
30 Arabic lessons
Teacher’s pick
AbdelRahman is by far the most effective Arabic teacher I’ve ever had. I am resuming lessons after a prolonged (years) break, & am also preparing to take the ILR test for the foreign service. He came up with a whole ten class lesson plan to jump start the process. It was a little bit difficult for me to figure out how far back I’d need to go but he quickly assessed my level & has done an excellent job at meeting me there. I am very quickly regaining confidence. My speech production is what I have the most difficulty with but he is patient, gives corrections on the spot, & so easily identifies areas of difficulty. He also speaks beyond fluent English which is extremely helpful to translate nuances between the two languages. In short, after three weeks I’ve gone from not remembering how to describe what I ate for breakfast to being able to give basic presentations about women’s rights & international relations. I plan to work with him for the long run. Look no further & set up a lesson!
Feb 1, 2023
70 Arabic lessons
Teacher’s pick
Abd AlRhman is a wonderful teacher who puts a lot of effort into every single lesson, whilst also making it fun! He has an incredible teaching approach - logical and methodical, but also very creative and enjoyable! He seems to have a way of making Arabic as easy to learn as it could possibly be, with his great ability to explain all aspects of grammar and language. Most importantly, he truly cares about the student's progress which is evident in the effort he puts into ensuring that learning is tailored to the individual. Besides, Abd AlRhman is very insightful, has a great personality and a great sense of humour, which makes every lesson with him interesting and engaging. There is always a new topic at hand to discuss and always a way to make the student smile! He is very attentive and patient and has an amazing capability to make people feel at ease. Having studied with him for 8 months, I genuinely could not wish for a better teacher! Thank you for everything, Abd AlRhman!
Oct 9, 2022
Daniela M
54 Arabic lessons
Teacher’s pick
I really enjoy my classes with Abd AlRhman. He is an amazing teacher and I’m very happy with my progress so far. He is able to explain in great detail why something is said in a certain way or how dialect differs from MSA, and he’s incredibly patient with my many questions and my attempts at speaking. He also has an amazing ability to correct my mistakes without making me feel discouraged, but instead motivating me to learn more and try to apply the corrections. Access to Canvas and all the online materials is another added bonus that allows for the classes to be focused on applying what I’ve learned during the week and ensure I understood the concepts. I find it an effective and enjoyable way to learn. He’s prepared for the class, but also always happy to pivot and teach vocab or sentences for something I want to say. I’m so happy to have found him as my teacher and I’m looking forward to many more classes, and to the day when we can have a real discussion. ‏شكرا جزيلا يا عبد الرحمن.
Aug 2, 2022
3 Arabic lessons
AbdelRahman was very polite and very structured. I feel like I will finally be able to excel in Arabic. It will take me time, but it will very effective.
May 28, 2023
John Harman
16 Arabic lessons
Taking Arabic from Scratch with AbdelRahman is the most productive and enjoyable experience in language learning that I have ever had. He is always perfectly prepared and customizes lessons based on my level and goals. I appreciate his skilled, organized method and consistent patience, positivity, and encouragement. AbdelRahman answers my many questions cheerfully, integrates language and cultural learning skillfully, and teaches with the perfect balance of professionalism, motivation, friendliness, and fun. I am learning a lot and am very excited to be on this journey.
Apr 12, 2023
Kirill Bryanov
59 Arabic lessons
As always، a very productive lesson with Abd. He explained a complex grammar topic in a digestible and fun way.
Feb 15, 2023
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