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初(はじ)めまして:)私(わたし)の名前(なまえ)は、さきです。 趣味(しゅみ)はたくさんあります!映画(えいが)、ドラマ(どらま)、アニメ(あにめ)を観(み)ることや本(ほん)📚を読(よ)むことが好(す)きです。最近は、韓国(かんこく)ドラマにはまっています!色々(いろいろ)な人(ひと)と出会(であ)い、お話(はなし)することが好(す)きです。一緒(いっしょ)にお話(はな)ししましょうね。 Hello:)I'm Saki. My hobbies are watching movies, dramas and anime. Also, I like reading books.📚 I like to interact with people (^^♪ I hope we can learn and grow together soon.!(^^)! I am looking forward to meeting you soon!!♡

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Student Tina
23 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Best teacher ever. Thank you for being so patient with me all this time and teaching me so many new things, I will miss your lessons a lot!😢 新しいお仕事頑張って下さい! またお話ししましょう。^^
Jun 17, 2022
Student Sebastian
8 Japanese lessons
My first impressions with Saki-Sensei after three lessons are extremely positive. I was looking for a tutor for conversation practice. With Saki-Sensei I am able to have a very natural conversation and talk about various interesting things. She is patient and explains well when I do not know a word. I especially appreciate that during the lessons, Saki-Sensei writes down suggestions and corrections for sentences that I did not get quite right, or words that I didn't know, so that after the lessons I can look them over. This way the flow of the conversation is not interrupted, but I can still improve. Overall I can say that I am very happy with the lessons and will continue taking them.
Mar 18, 2024
Student Joe Griffiths
Joe Griffiths
1 Japanese lesson
Saki was super friendly and great to talk to, thanks!
Feb 28, 2024
Student Paul Walther
Paul Walther
3 Japanese lessons
I talked non-stop and Saki-sensei was very patient and listened to my ramble on and on. I like speaking Japanese so I have a tendency to just talk over the person I'm talking to but she was very patient with me. I really enjoyed the conversation.
Jan 27, 2024
Student Michael DeLoach
Michael DeLoach
1 Japanese lesson
An excellent teacher and conversationalist
Jan 20, 2024
Student Camden Wilder
Camden Wilder
10 Japanese lessons
It's been a while since my last lesson with Saki, but this one was great as usual! Always looking forward to the next time
Dec 12, 2023
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