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[Anime/Manga][Beginners/Kids over 9][in English] Experienced tutor who loves manga/anime/game!
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italki teacher since Nov 8, 2021
All levels are welcome🤗!! Let’s start to learn Japanese in English! I also speak Japanese in our lessons. Hi, I’m Chie😊 I’m a native Japanese speaker living in Tokyo. Love manga, anime, game and movie! If you also love them, let me know your favorites:) I got my bachelor and master’s degree in public health and nursing from the University of Tokyo. Used to work as a medical staff member in hospital and also an employee in the clinical research field.

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35 Reviews

Stephen Sherman
89 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Chie-san is a wonderful teacher. She is endlessly patient and always enthusiastic. As we converse during the lesson, she has the remarkable ability to type everything we say into a shared Google document, which helps at the moment, and for my review afterwards. I usually schedule our classes in the evening, and sometimes at the start I am a little tired, but Chie-san's classes are so enjoyable, that I find myself more refreshed afterwards.
May 7, 2023
59 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have been taking regular weekly lessons with Chie-san for several months now. She is a very conscientious teacher and will answer your questions thoroughly. We have a system where I can put down questions that I have in advance and she will go through them at the next lesson. She always has well-prepared answers that she explains well. She is also very approachable such that you feel comfortable asking her anything. She is also mindful of where you are at in your language study and will cater her lessons to meet your needs (eg she incorporates short conversations in our lessons to help me with my speaking ability). I really enjoy my lessons with her!
Apr 28, 2022
Damian Wee
16 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
A very well organized, enthusiastic and friendly teacher, Chie-san has genuinely made learning Japanese not only fun, but also kept me engaged and interested in the language during the lessons I had. She also provides extra pieces of information that may not be in line with the textbook, but is still relevant to the student. (e.g how to give more information about one self in Japanese).
Dec 31, 2021
12 Japanese lessons
Chie-san is a very kind teacher with who you never feel afraid of making mistakes. She will patiently explain things until you understand them and she is always very cheerful and supportive. It's always a pleasure to learn with Chie-san! :)
Apr 21, 2022
12 Japanese lessons
Chie-san is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher who is always making sure you understand the grammar and words that are being used, but also challenges you to try to figure out the right answer by yourself first. She is also always ready to answer any questions you might have! :)
Apr 18, 2022
12 Japanese lessons
Lessons with Chie-san always feel more like chatting with a friend even though she is helping me to prepare for my exams at University!~
Apr 12, 2022
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