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I teach English in Japan. I'd love to tell you about British culture, people and similarities we share with Japan. As an OJT (on the job training) 職場 English teacher, I taught English to employees at an automotive parts manufacturing company to workers of different fields. イギリスのロンドン生まれで、子供の頃から日本の文化が好きだったので日本に住む事が夢でした。今、日本で大人に英語を教えています。子供に教える経験があるので、教えるメソッドについて、ぜひご相談ください。趣味は車と音楽ですが、人の趣味を聞いたりするのが好きなので、是非皆さんの趣味を聞かせてください。イギリスの雰囲気で紅茶を飲みながら一緒に楽しく英語のレッスンをしましょう。よろしくお願いします。 ※ italkiで子供に教えていません。

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123 Reviews

Tatsuya Kusakabe
29 English lessons
Today I pracitced clarification techniques. What I did was navigating my company's website, having my sensei ask questions about the website with the speed of native speakers, and clarifying what I heard using clarification techniques. Next time, it'll be my turn to build questions. I learnt that natives use "Q1 ,Q2, statement" structure so often, so I'll follow this format. By the way, I learnt clarification techniques from sensei for many times, but everytime the lesson starts, I find out I forgot it completely. I felt so sorry about this, so I'm writing it down what clarification technique is all about. --- 50% clarification question: I didn't understand first/middle/last part of what you said. 70% clarification question: He wrote some document to who at where? (Suppose some said "He wrote some documents to Mr. Takahashi at Hllton Hotel")
May 27, 2023
Tatsuya Kusakabe
29 English lessons
I practiced how to build questions. For sandwich structure, I used the problem I'm facing at work as an example. For "Didn't you" question, which is used to confirm that somedoby's memory is correct, SlamDunk was used as an example. Both techniques are what I haven't used before, and I'm sure these will help me in business MTGs.
May 20, 2023
Tatsuya Kusakabe
29 English lessons
The lesson today was practical. I learnt that basically the question comes at the beginning and the end of the sentence and the middle part is just comfirming what the other and I already understand. It's going to be more complicated in the next lesson, but I want to keep up!
May 6, 2023
4 English lessons
Apr 30, 2023
4 English lessons
It was a very good class. Thank you very much. It was my first lesson, so I was nervous at first. But I was relieved immediately. You taught me kindly and politely. I'm looking forward to the next lesson.
Apr 25, 2023
Tatsuya Kusakabe
29 English lessons
On the lesson today, I realised that it took more time than expected to build rather simple sentences. I had to pay for that I was skipping 瞬間英作文 practices. My wife is gonna give birth next month and sensei cared about my family a lot. I really appreciate her.
Apr 23, 2023
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