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italki teacher since Nov 25, 2021
私は、外資系の製薬会社で長い間働いていました。そこで新しい薬を開発する仕事をするとともに、外国人とのコミュニケーションの重要性を学びました。 私は元々、日本語を学び、日本の文化や歴史に興味を持っている外国の人が好きで、そういう人に日本語の勉強をサポートしたいと思っていましたので、リタイア後、日本語教師を目指し、昨年公認の日本語教師の資格を取りました。 趣味は、ゴルフ、プロ野球観戦、映画鑑賞、旅行、ミステリー小説、プラモデルなどです。 My name is Fujio HAYAMA. I was working for some foreign affiliated pharmaceutical companies for a long time, and in charge of new drug development. I learned importance of the communication with foreigners there. I originally like foreigners who are studying Japanese and interested in Japanese culture and history, so I really want to support such learners of Japanese. My hobbies are golf, walking, professional baseball movies, traveling, mystery novels etc.

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37 Reviews

11 Japanese lessons
Once again I had a great lesson with Hayama-sensei. He explains new vocabulary and concepts well, and I enjoy the discussions we have about the subjects we read about in articles.
Jan 31, 2024
5 Japanese lessons
The lesson involved some brief reading and then discussion of the topic. I struggled a bit trying to explain certain concepts, but I think I could get the point across in the end. Will continue lessons with Mr. Hayama.
Jan 27, 2024
5 Japanese lessons
Mr. Hayama prepared some material that we went over and discussed. Looking forward to more.
Jan 20, 2024
Kate Weng
5 Japanese lessons
Mr.Fujio is highly professional, his teaching style is engaging, and he has an abundance of patience. He makes use resources to make the learning process more interactive for students. He finds ways to make the subject matter relevant and interesting. I am grateful to meet such a skilled and dedicated teacher who is committed to helping students learn and grow in the field of Japanese language. Just choose Mr.Fujio and enjoy a great lesson.
Jan 15, 2024
5 Japanese lessons
Had a good first lesson with Mr. Hayama. He was able to assess my current level and provide me with options for continuing our lessons. We also already dived a bit into a topic I wanted to learn more about.
Jan 13, 2024
11 Japanese lessons
I've had a few lessons with Hayama先生 by now, and each one continues to be a great pleasure. I like that I get to read actual articles from newspapers and other sources, which gives me a chance to be exposed to native material and not just materials made for Japanese language learners. He's a patient teacher who takes the time to explain every word I don't understand, which is often a lot. I also enjoy our discussions on various topics like science, culture, etc. I'm looking forward to my next lesson with Hayama先生.
Jan 10, 2024
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