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Vasilis Michos

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Greek (Ancient)
certified greek language teacher (BA, MA, seminars, PhD)
From GreeceLiving in Thessaloniki, Greece (09:23 UTC-04:00)
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italki teacher since Nov 19, 2021
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✔️ BA minor; literature major; linguistics ✔️ MA theoretical & applied linguistics 🦉 seminars on teaching Greek 🪶 3 years of teaching 🐓 PhD in linguistics (still on my 1st year) I like providing 'comprehensible input' to my students. I offer either a grammar class built on each of my student's needs or a speaking class. Both are funny and helpful, and perhaps equally crucial to language learning. I can really adapt because I know what learning a foreign language is like myself. Also, my PhD is largely on language teaching so I believe I can guide you well! Lastly, I am fun and I hope you're fun too! Learning is about enjoying, not memorizing.

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122 Reviews

Greek (Ancient)
Student Frank
18 Greek lessons
Teacher’s pick
Vasilis is a fantastically patient and enthusiastic teacher. He tailors his lessons and instruction to both your language-learning goals and your personal interests. Yet I think what really distinguishes his teaching style is his ability to bring his expertise in linguistics to your learning process, letting you "look under the hood" of a famously complex language like Greek in a way that clarifies things far more than I've ever encountered in a foreign language class. All those "why do you say it this way and not that way?"-type questions one has when studying a foreign language--he can actually answer them coherently. For me, this has made the study of Modern Greek way less intimidating and way more exciting. Highly recommended!
Dec 20, 2023
Student Andrew
47 Greek lessons
Teacher’s pick
Again, nothing but the most positive recommendation for this wonderful teacher. Today we went over some useful constructions in Greek and some phrases that indicate how often I do or don’t do something. It is a great pleasure knowing that a skill is improving, and I feel my improvement in Greek couldn’t have been assisted by a better teacher. Highly recommend.
Aug 13, 2023
Student Susan Papathomopoulo
Susan Papathomopoulo
15 Greek lessons
Teacher’s pick
Vasilis continues to provide motivating material, making elements relevant to past lessons, creating a continuity of of learning. His style is not random, rather it is thoughtfully designed to help guide me along my journey. He builds upon my past accomplishments and provides material that bolsters me where my knowledge gaps are.
May 7, 2022
Student Jean-Baptiste
1 Greek lesson
Great first lesson with Vasilis who's taken the time to assess my level and gave me a clear answer concerning grammar doubts I had in Greek. Looking forward to the next one.
Mar 21, 2024
Student Eric Heim
Eric Heim
5 Greek lessons
Jan 31, 2024
Student Eric Heim
Eric Heim
5 Greek lessons
Ευχαριστώ πολύ.
Jan 25, 2024
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