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Teacher ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️with over 3 years of experience! All levels included from A1 to C2. Contact me😊
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italki teacher since Nov 22, 2021
Hello! My name is Dicko and i am a French teacher from Cameroon. I have been in this profession for over 3 years. I am passionate about cartoons, especially those in Japanese because it allows me to learn this language! Other than that I like to play sports which keeps me healthy. Kon'nichiwa! Watashinonamaeha Dickodesu. Kamerūn no furansugo Bonjour! Je me nomme Dicko et je suis enseignante de français originaire du Cameroun . Cela fait plus de 3 ans que j’exerce dans ce métier. Je suis une passionnée de dessins animés surtout ceux en japonais car celà me permet d’apprendre cette langue! A part ça j’aime faire le sport ce qui me permet de rester en santé.

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Améliorez votre conversation quotidienne. / Improve your daily conversation
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Learn french for beginner ( Apprendre le français pour débutants) speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar. Levels A1; A2; B1; B2; C1; C2
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Pratique de la conversation
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15 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
While talking with Dicko, you may be sure, she will explain everything in order to express herself clearly and accurately. It was a big pleasure to know new information about a new culture and practice my french vocabulary again. Thank you!
Jan 27, 2022
Oscar Planells
2 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Asta helped me practice French. We had a great conversation, and she always maintains a very positive mood which helps keep the conversation going and not even realize you're in the meanwhile practicing another language!
Jan 12, 2022
10 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Asta is an excellent teacher. She is patient and has a very engaging teaching style. She has immensely helped me improve my French. I strongly recommend everyone to book a lesson with her.
Dec 9, 2021
Antina Gibson
4 French lessons
When the instructor is able to make the classes, it’s good. Unfortunately, she cancels too much for various reasons to have any consistency in the lessons. Due to cancellations and unavailability, it took months to finish a five session package. By the way, the fifth lesson still isn’t finished because it was canceled today.
Jan 29, 2023
Antina Gibson
4 French lessons
this teacher is very nice and works well with kids
Jan 21, 2023
Simone Mona Powell
3 French lessons
Another great lesson! Even though I am a beginner, Asta encourages me to speak in French more which is helping me build a better understanding of how to have real life conversations.
Jan 19, 2023
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