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I'm from Germany and I speak High German. After I had finished school, I worked as a paramedic until I started university. I love learning about different cultures and their languages, that's why I studied abroad in 2021, in Norway. I also travelled a lot, for example I lived in South America for 8 months and in the USA for 2 months. I also worked as an Au Pair girl in Spain and Chile. Because of my travels and other opportunities I have a good basic knowledge in many languages and I work everyday to maintain and expand this knowledge. At the moment, I focuse on Norwegian, French and German Sign Language. Other hobbies and interests of mine are: dancing, anything fantasy/sci-fi and puzzles.

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44 Reviews

Student Pietro B
Pietro B
70 German lessons
Teacher’s pick
Nicola ist eine sehr sehr gute Lehrerin. Sehr geduldig und sehr flexibel. Die Unterrichte sind immer interressant und angenehm.
May 13, 2022
Student Augusto
33 German lessons
Teacher’s pick
Nicola ist aus vielen Gründen die beste Deutschtutorin auf italki. Gespräche mit ihr sind immer sehr unterhaltsam, anregend und erbaulich. Es ist sehr schwierig, eine Person mit solcher Intelligenz, Freundlichkeit und Geduld zu finden.
Mar 24, 2022
Student Annie H
Annie H
15 German lessons
Teacher’s pick
Nicola has so much knowledge about different topics. She helped me today with understanding the things I need to do to practice my profession in Germany. I couldn't understand the German websites with the specialized vocabulary, and she really helped. She knows a lot about healthcare and educational systems in Germany and can explain the systems and the related terms.
Feb 27, 2022
Student Sherry Huynh
Sherry Huynh
65 German lessons
Es war mega, mit dir zu lernen, Nicolaaaaa
Jun 14, 2023
Student Sherry Huynh
Sherry Huynh
65 German lessons
"Du schaffst das" Achhhhh Nicola ist wie meine Therapeutin HAHAHAHAHA. Sie ist die süßeste Lehrerin aller Zeiten.
Mar 4, 2023
Student Sherry Huynh
Sherry Huynh
65 German lessons
Sie hat gesagt: Dein Deutsch ist besser als jede Woche. SIE WEIST NICHT DASS SIE DER GRUND IST 🫶🌝 She said: "Wow your German is better everyday" I thought to myself: "OH MY GOODNESS DOES SHE EVEN KNOW THAT SHE IS THE REASON?" 🌝🫶🥲
Jan 15, 2023
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