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From Republic of KoreaLiving in Hwaseong, Republic of Korea (13:41 UTC+09:00)
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italki teacher since Feb 25, 2022
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🤓Who is Sana?🤓 - Native Korean Speaker living in Korea - Can Speak English and Japanese - Learning 5 languages (Korean, English, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese) - Very Interested in Learning Languages and Other Cultures ⭐Don’t be afraid to speak in Korean! I’m all ears for you🦻🏻💕⭐

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603 Reviews

Student Tia
69 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
Never had any issues while studying with Sana. She is flexible, kind, patient and warm. It is a person you want to meet outside of italki for sure. We have a lot in common so it makes it easy to keep studying with her in the long term. I started nearly from scratch and now I can talk more about so many things thanks to her.
May 7, 2024
Student Anne T.
Anne T.
17 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
I am very thankful that Sana쌤 started teaching at italki.com . She's patient and caring but creative at the same time thus eliciting your hidden abilities to speak this far-from-easy language. Her kind approach and the casual environment will let you learn in a fast and effective way. Thank you Sana-sshi!🫶
May 6, 2024
Student Roxane
36 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
전 지금 1년 반 동안 산아 선생님과 수업을 하고 있고, 이 수업은 제 한 주의 하이라이트예요 ✨ 수업은 항상 재미있고 전 새로운 것을 배워요. 전 항상 당황스럽고 실수하는 것을 두려워하기 때문에 한국어를 말하기가 어려워요. 하지만 산아 선생님과 이야기하는것은 저에게 많은 도움이 돼요. 산아 선생님은 넘 친절하고, 인내심이 있고, 저를 많이 격려해요 🌸 또 산아 선생님과 이야기하는 것은 정말로 친구와 이야기하는 것 같가요 🥰 선생님하고 더 자주 만나고 혼자 공부하는 시간을 더 가져서 한국어로 더 잘했으면 좋겠어요 ~ 선생님, 정말 감사해요 🤍
Apr 19, 2024
Student Bobby Hartanto
Bobby Hartanto
7 Korean lessons
Always a good class with 산아 씨, not only she’s gentle and cheerful as friend, she’s a good listener as well. Definitely one of the kindest language teacher I’ve met on italki. 다음 주에 만나요 산아 씨 :)
May 26, 2024
Student Antara Khadria
Antara Khadria
34 Korean lessons
Absolutely the best!! :) I've been practicing speaking with Sana since about two years ago, and this was my 34th lesson with her. She always gently, patiently nudges and encourages me to try and say what I want to in Korean, and fills in the gaps where needed. We also end up having very natural conversations this way (including a good laugh here and there). This format has also significantly increased my level of comfort in speaking the language, even if at times broken, and gives me the confidence to try and carry out conversations with locals in Korea when I am able to visit. I have also learnt a lot of new grammar points and vocabulary along the way, which has made it easier for me to later learn these aspects of the language from my primary study resources. I look forward to continuing my lesson with Sana and improving my speaking abilities in Korean.
May 26, 2024
Student Stefanie
7 Korean lessons
Great lesson again today.
May 25, 2024
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