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Professional and knowledgeable. Individual approach to General English and Business Interview Prep.
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italki teacher since Nov 22, 2021
Hello everyone, my name is Natalia. I grew up in New Zealand, I've lived in Australia, US and Singapore. I have several years' teaching experience in General English, Specialist English, Academic English, Business English, Consulting and Finance. My background is investment banking and I have published papers in academic journals. Now, I combine my practical experience with teaching to help students achieve their goals. My students have great success in IELTS exams, job interviews (Big4, Fortune500, IB, consulting), MBA applications, as well as everyday and specialist speaking. I teach adults and kids of different cultures and language levels. Let's perfect your English together!

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107 Reviews

Ben AJ
30 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Natalia is easily one of the best teachers one could hope to engage. Her sincerity, kindness, humility, and professionalism set her apart. She wears her learning so lightly. I have no doubt she can help learners of English not only by enabling them to improve their proficiency in the language but also by imparting to them the confidence to find their own voice and articulate their own thoughts. She is a gem of a teacher, a woman deserving the highest of praise - someone truly unpretentious who never condescends even as she imparts needed correction and does her utmost to develop the potential of her students.
Aug 13, 2022
104 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
The teacher is very professional and kind, she can not only help her students with targeted exercises, but also help students to change the paper, she is the best and kindest teacher I have ever seen! I wish I could always have lessons with Natalia teacher!
May 7, 2022
30 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Thanks to Natalia, I found an internship in English. I had two interviews at two different companies and both companies made me an offer! Natalia is a true professional and knows what employers ask and how to answer their questions in the best way.
Feb 23, 2022
Ben AJ
30 English lessons
I want to commend Natalie for the way she comprehensively documents all we discuss while adding to her notes her observations that express nuance, signify her agreement or extend the points being made. Her documentation of these matters doesn’t interfere with her ability to converse attentively or raise challenging or thought-provoking questions. As far as I know, there is no other teacher here who can do all she does - no other teacher able to combine in their person so many talents, all of which she conscientiously exercises. I have had wide experience with teachers here, whom I have hired for purposes relating to my literary projects, and none in that group provides the kind of notes that Natalie does, is as approachable or as transparent as she is, or is as conscientious as she is in meeting her students’ needs. I have spent more than 5000 US dollars on about 180 sessions since joining the platform 6 months ago, so I feel I can offer my assessment of her compared to other teachers.
Nov 25, 2022
7 English lessons
Thank you so much, Natalia😆! At today’s lesson, Natalia explained more differences between “specialty “and “speciality” , I think I would never forget the word😆! And we continue to study the book 🥹,it’s tough to correct my writing🥹. Natalia is very patient teacher~whenever I ask questions, she will explain it to me with her patience! And I feel free and equal in her lesson❤️💗 💗💗
Nov 24, 2022
3 English lessons
Nov 23, 2022
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