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Chinese (Mandarin)
From AustraliaLiving in Sydney, Australia (13:56 UTC+11:00)
Professional and knowledgeable. Individual approach to General English and Business Interview Prep.
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italki teacher since Nov 22, 2021
Hello everyone! My name is Natalia. I grew up in NZ, lived in the USA and I am currently in Australia. My aim is to help students achieve their goals. I teach adults and kids of different cultures and language levels. We work on General English, Business, Legal, Medical, IT, Specialist and Academic English as well as Consulting, Finance, Real Estate, Tax, Marketing, Law and Psychology. My background is IB, tax law and real estate. I have published papers in academic journals. My students have great success in IELTS exams, job interviews (Big4, Fortune500, IB, consulting), MBA applications, as well as everyday and specialist speaking. Let's perfect your English together!

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Customized Business English Coaching, Interview Preparation, Presentations, Pitching: Consulting, Finance, Design, IT, Real Estate, Investment Banking, Law, Marketing
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Structured General English Practice: General English and Conversation (with corrections and notes)
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Structured Fluency and Pronunciation: Specialist English, Law, Medical, Academic English, IELTS and TOEFL
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137 Reviews

Lina Kalkman
60 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
It is a great pleasure to work with Natalia. What she offers: 1) You will speak 90% of your lesson; 2) She will send a report to you after your lesson, with mistakes and corrections. What we do: We discuss IT products, presentations, project management, metrics, unit economics, finance, Startup issues, and raising money from investors. Natalia can maintain a dialog regarding all these themes. She focuses on your needs, not what she can offer, but what you need. Thank you so much for your support and loyalty.
Nov 20, 2022
104 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
The teacher is very professional and kind, she can not only help her students with targeted exercises, but also help students to change the paper, she is the best and kindest teacher I have ever seen! I wish I could always have lessons with Natalia teacher!
May 7, 2022
13 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
I was accepted by one of Big4 firms, thanks to Natalia. For a long time, it had been really stressful and disappointing for me looking for a job. But after working with Natalia, I became more motivated because she helped me find my strengths and gave me confidence. Natalia is an excellent business English teacher, a career coach and a reliable friend. I’d love to work with her again for my MBA, other jobs etc.
Mar 1, 2022
15 English lessons
Today Natalia show me something contemporary art devices . It really opened my horizon . I really love today’s lesson 🥰😍🥰😍🥰
Feb 8, 2023
Ben AJ
44 English lessons
I am grateful for all Natalie has done for me in our conversations. She is the best of teachers and mentors - a most gentle, erudite and noble woman. She “of all most sways my spirits to peace” - to adapt a line from Gerard Manley Hopkins.
Feb 2, 2023
15 English lessons
😆a happy lesson with lovely, sweet Natalia🥰😁😁😁 I love Natalia!!!!!!!!! Surprised her ability of making sweet sentences!!!
Jan 30, 2023
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