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🎓 Experienced and friendly Portuguese/English Coach; Challenges you to grow and learn 🙋🏻‍♀️
From BrazilLiving in George Town, Malaysia (19:33 UTC+08:00)
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Hi, my name is Marina! I'm from Brazil, and currently, I live in south-east Asia. I love to travel and use different languages because it makes adapting to a new environment more manageable. Besides that, it broadens your view of the world and its people. I enjoy being outdoors, hiking, cycling, doing yoga, and going to the beach in my free time. I love nature, sports, culture, people and animals. Olá, meu nome é Marina! Sou do Brasil e atualmente moro no sudeste da Ásia. Amo viajar e usar outros idiomas, porque facilita a adaptação em um novo lugar e amplia sua visão do mundo e das pessoas. Eu amo estar ao ar livre, natureza, esportes, praia e animais (tenho 1 cachorro- Kaya).

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Student colebroughton.brough
20 Portuguese lessons
Teacher’s pick
The biggest take for me with Marina, is she makes me feel comfortable. I feel like she is invested in helping me learn and I am confident to try having a conversation even if unsure. I am very satisfied with my lessons and surprised how much I remember.
Oct 2, 2023
Student Dev
23 Portuguese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I love taking lessons with Marina! Today marks one year that I've been learning Portuguese with her and I am shocked by how much my Portuguese has improved. In just a year, I went from not being able to say anything to being able to hold conversations comfortably and rarely be lost for a word. Marina makes the learning process super fun with how encouraging she is. Our lessons don't even feel like a lesson anymore. It feels like I'm just sitting down to talk with a great friend. She also makes great homework activities to improve your comprehension and vocabulary in specific areas. It's been a fun journey learning Portuguese and the beautiful, amazing culture that surrounds it with her. And I look forward to more lessons. If you are looking for a teacher who feels like a friend and who is going to give you confidence and make the learning process enjoyable, you have that in Marina :)
Jun 22, 2023
Student Jaden Bruton
Jaden Bruton
67 Portuguese lessons
Teacher’s pick
she really is an incredible teacher!!! one year ago i couldnt speak any portuguese at all and now i can actually hold a conversation and understand various subjects!!!
Mar 2, 2023
Student Andrew G
Andrew G
3 Portuguese lessons
Another great lesson!
Jun 18, 2024
Student Andrew G
Andrew G
3 Portuguese lessons
2nd lesson with Marina completed! Very happy with the lessons so far! Scheduling the next session now.
Jun 13, 2024
Student Andrew G
Andrew G
3 Portuguese lessons
Marina is great! I just had my first lesson with her and she was very friendly and helpful! I've scheduled another lesson soon!
Jun 11, 2024
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