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Passionate Russian and Spanish teacher with 10+ years' expertise.
From Russian FederationLiving in Palermo, Italy (05:33 UTC+02:00)
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italki teacher since Apr 23, 2013
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Born in the chilly wonders of Siberia (don't worry, no street-wandering bears here!), I've traded snowflakes for sunshine and now I call Sicily my home after many years of adventures across Latin America and Europe. I've got awesome YouTube channel all about Russian language and culture, and there're 77,000 subscribers! It's in Spanish, but if you're curious – just look up "Maestra Ksenia" on YouTube.

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Intermediate-Advanced A2-C1/ Intermedio-Avanzado A2-C1
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Conversational Russian. ONLY Speaking. / Ruso conversacional. Sólo hablamos.
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Russian for beginners / Ruso para los principiantes
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Studenti italiani
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192 Reviews

Student Yana M
Yana M
23 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Я долго искала преподавателя и сначала пробовала именно с носителями испанского, но им было тяжело объяснить некоторые специфические моменты. С Ксенией все легко, я часто говорю, что у меня есть только 30 мин на сегодняшний урок, но потом замечаю, что уже 45 пролетели и мы даже пересидели) Она помнит все мои ошибки и ненавязчиво добавляет эти задания на новых уроках, чтобы я наверняка запомнила) Также имеет индивидуальный подход и старается добавить именно тот тип обучения, который меня бодрит) Вообщем мне нравится, я нашла своего учителя, никуда уже не уйду)
Aug 31, 2023
Student Rob
78 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Xenia is my favorite teacher in any language that i've studied. She really is the best! Very patient, fun and kind. Thank you for all your help! Xenia es mi profesora favorita en cualquiera idioma que he estudio. Ella es maravillosa! Muy paciente, graciosa y amable. Gracias por todo!
Aug 30, 2017
Student Nathan Catalano
Nathan Catalano
91 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have been having classes with Ksenia for plenty of time now, and I must say she is probably the best language teacher I ever had! It's true, I can say that I had teachers who were living dictionaries and knew ever word and translation you could ask without hesitating, but I have yet to meet one that can teach as Ksenia. She is able to make the "big and scary" Russian language become easy and intuitive. The way she structures her teaching course makes the language very comprehensible, as instead of being grammar heavy, she decides to teach you in a way that you'll be talking without thinking much. Through the lessons, you will talk a lot as well as read and train for daily conversations. You will also have the opportunity to practice your writing. If you're scared of how difficult learning Russian can be, I recommend you have some classes with Ksenia as surely it will become much easier and more fun. That applies to both English and Spanish speakers alike
Jan 25, 2017
Student Sean
88 Spanish lessons
Ksenia is the best language teacher I have had. She has been teaching me in two languages - thus, I have had the benefit of realising her talent is not just from her language skills, but her pedagogical passion too. I would highly recommend her as a teacher!
Apr 18, 2024
Student Qasim
10 Spanish lessons
Excellent Lesson with Ksenia, she was patient with me while I learned new Spanish verbs and their meanings both in Russian and English. We reviewed how to tell the time and from the homework I learned about tourist destinations and culture in the Latin countries. Ksenia reviewed the reflexive verbs with me today and their usage in the Spanish language.
Dec 15, 2023
Student Qasim
10 Spanish lessons
Today I felt some good progress with reading and also being able to speak more than in the prior lessons. I am happy with the results and of course it’s always nice to work with Ksenia. She is helpful, kind, and always asks if I have questions about any new topics and makes sure to explain all the information in an easy to understand way.
Dec 4, 2023
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