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I teach English so I know how to teach Japanese in English.
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italki teacher since Nov 23, 2021
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こんにちは。順子と申します。今は日本の兵庫県に主人と中学生の娘と住んでいます。自宅で英語を教える仕事をしています。趣味はたくさんありますが、旅行や料理関連のYouTubeを観たり、Netflixでアメリカのドラマを観ること、読書、旅行、ピアノを弾くことが好きです。 Hello, my name is Junko. I live in Hyogo, Japan, with my husband and a daughter. I teach English at home. My hobby is watching traveling and cooking videos on YouTube, watching American TV series on Netflix and Amazon, reading, traveling, and playing the piano.

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30 Reviews

Phoebe Lyon
28 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Junko is a great teacher. She is patient with me, especially when I continue to make the same mistakes. She customizes the lesson to help me say things that are important to my daily life. It is really motivating and I am always eager for my next lesson.
Mar 2, 2023
Charesia • チリシア
42 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Junko 先生、is the best teacher anyone could ask for. She is patient, easy to talk to, and flexible. She is up to doing different activities to help you reach your goals. She has a very good understanding of English and helps me convey it in Japanese. I have learned more with her than I have with any other teacher. I have gained a lot more confidence in the language through Junko's Lessons. Do not hesitate to chose her as your teacher, she is truly the best.
May 11, 2022
127 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Junko san is an excellent teacher, I really enjoyed our conversation lessons. After 2 lessons, I am ordering yakitori from the Japanese menu. :)
Dec 19, 2021
23 Japanese lessons
Junko is friendly and can help you as you speak.
Jul 10, 2023
23 Japanese lessons
Junko is easy to talk to and helps with grammar and vocabulary when I cannot express myself well.
Jun 5, 2023
Phoebe Lyon
28 Japanese lessons
As always a great lesson. I get nervous that 60 minutes will be too long but it flies by. I am always excited to book another lesson with Junko.
Mar 23, 2023
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