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From SpainLiving in Madrid, Spain (05:21 UTC+01:00)
Profesor Profesional Certificado [ELE] Profesional Teacher certified.
About Me
italki teacher since Nov 25, 2021
[I own the tittle of "ELE" spanish as a foreign language!] More than 800 hours of experience! [Tengo el título "ELE" español como lengua extranjera!] Más de 800 horas de experiencia! -Hello! My name is Aidan, im 24 years old and i like to play videogames, play sports and watch series both in english and spanish. I consider myself a person with a good humor sense and a lot of patience with is apreciate in both, studying and teaching. -Hola! Mi nombre es Aidan, soy un chico de 24 años, me gusta jugar videojuegos, ver series y hacer deporte. me considero una persona con buen sentido del humor y mucha paciencia, cosa que se agradece tanto a la hora de enseñar como de aprender.

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86 Reviews

41 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
He aprendido tanto durante mis clases cn Aidan. Contesta mis preguntas y dudas, y sugiere muchas maneras de hablar más natural y claramente. Lo recomiendo mucho. Aidan is an excellent tutor and I have really enjoyed his enthusiasm and knowledge while discussing many different topics during the last class.
Feb 25, 2022
4 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Aidan is very supportive and patient teacher. My level of Spanish is very low, but I was speaking the whole lesson with Aidan's support. Aidan is very polite and flexible. You can choose yourself you want English translation of new words or not. Atmosphere is very friendly and relaxing. I would definitely recommend Aidan as a tutor.
Feb 20, 2022
Edoardo Dal Bianco
116 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Aidan is very helpful with conversations and excercises. I would recommend him to anyone
Dec 23, 2021
1 Spanish lesson
Professor Aidan is amazing, so professional. My kid was excited with his class.muchísima gracias!
Jan 14, 2023
1 Spanish lesson
esta clase esta muy educativa, aprende mucho. gracias, bueno fin de semana
Jan 13, 2023
1 Spanish lesson
Aidan is great! He has a great sense of when to slow down and help students overcome gaps in their knowledge. He is a very patient and capable teacher!
Dec 12, 2022
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