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Hola, soy Carolina. Me encantan los idiomas y quiero ayudarte en tu proceso de adquisición del español. Me encanta aprender de diferentes culturas y lugares alrededor del mundo y compartir impresiones sobre diferentes temas. Hablo inglés y alemán (en un nivel intermedio) y francés (en un nivel básico). ¡Nunca me canso de aprender! Hello, My name is Carolina. I'm passionate about languages and I would like to help you in your process of adquiring Spanish as a new language. I love learning about different cultures and places around the world and sharing impressions about it. I speak intermediate English and German and I`m currently learning french. I never get tired of learning something new!

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If you're looking for conversation classes (basic or advanced), you can't find better. Carolina is a very kind and open-minded person, easy to talk to. She has a lot of empathy and patience for her students and at the end of the lesson you get a note with feedback, suggestions and vocabulary. She is professional, organised and committed to her work. After regular meetings with Carolina, I can see my Spanish has improved much. Highly recommended! Bardzo polecam! Carolina ma doświadczenie w uczeniu Polaków :)
May 12, 2023
travis dean
65 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Carolina is great. super patient, helpful and kind. The way she sets up and shares lessons and info on Google docs is great for going back to review what we talked about that day. 1 hour flies by and never seems like enough time. 10/10 would recommend.
Nov 23, 2022
Julian Rostek
19 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Carolina is a wonderful teacher! She's very patient, clear, and committed. For every class she has a lesson plan, and she follows up afterwards with personalized notes that include new vocabulary, speech corrections, new phrases, interesting idioms, and grammar help. Even on those difficult days when my Spanish becomes well-nigh incomprehensible she is able to decode my babble with patience and skill. She has also introduced me to new authors and works of literature, and always includes a cultural component in her lessons. I would recommend her to students of all levels!
May 11, 2022
8 Spanish lessons
I came into class with Caro two weeks ago very rusty in my speaking, to the point of feeling like it had dropped from B2 to B1 when I hadn't practiced speaking for a year. This week it feels significantly better and easier to express myself, especially as Caro focused on having me speak as much as possible in this lesson, and I felt like I was getting stuck much less, or at least able to explain around words to still get my point across. I really appreciate her targeting my weak spots in such an effective way!
Oct 31, 2023
24 Spanish lessons
I always enjoy my lessons! The conversation is great, and the notes with corrections are really, really helpful. I always have plenty of vocabulary to add to my Anki deck afterwards! The conversation is easy and without pressure. I appreciate that as I search for my words!
Oct 22, 2023
8 Spanish lessons
I had my first lesson with Caro in about 2 years today and she’s just as wonderful a teacher as I remember! My speaking was incredibly rusty but she was patient with my terrible grammar and cadence, and had the lesson entirely in Spanish, having me speak as much as I could. I also love that she sends a follow up with corrections and material after each lesson. I’ll be brushing up on my vocab for the next lesson!
Oct 16, 2023
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