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"Empathetic and Engaging Turkish Tutor: Discuss Travel, Current Events, Politics & More!"
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Hello everyone! My name is Elif. I am from Turkey and I live in Turkey. I have completed my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Business Administration and I am currently enrolled in a Master's degree in Political Science and Public Administration. I love learning and teaching! Lifelong learning is one of my core values. I like to talk about travel, cooking, current events, political issues, immigration and environmental issues, deforestation problems, etc. The three areas I am most interested in are personal growth and development, effective communication skills and empathy. I believe that my combination of skills and experience makes me the ideal community tutor for you. See you soon =)

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6 Turkish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Elif is an exceptional teacher - she is very supportive, easy to communicate with, always so many topics to talk about. Thank you, Elif! I'm looking forward to the next class with you!
Aug 18, 2023
23 Turkish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have just finished my 10th lesson with Elif and I am so impressed with this young lady as a teacher. As an experienced language learner (Turkish is my sixth language to learn) I highly recommend Elif. In a short time my Turkish has improved immensely. She is patient, kind and genuinely interested in her students and our hour lessons pass so quickly. With her guided conversations, timely corrections and suggestions, each lesson I leave with enough input to study before our next lesson. I am learning more about Turkish culture, customs, food and Elif has given me recommendations for music to listen to and Turkish mini series to watch. I look forward to all my lessons with Elif and I am excited for my future speaking and learning Turkish, as I know with Elif helping me, I can now easily attain a good conversational level.
Jul 28, 2023
Shivarth Popat
11 Turkish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Her zamanki gibi çok eğlenceli bir sohbetti. Elif'le konuşmak gerçekten çok keyifli. Eğer Türkçesini geliştirmek istiyorsan, Elif'le ders almak öneririm
Jun 5, 2023
Alexander Nebula
5 Turkish lessons
thank you for your help 🙏 you are a great teacher
Oct 20, 2023
Tim D
1 Turkish lesson
Ders için teşekkürler ederim! Esnekliğin için teşekkürler ederim.
Oct 17, 2023
4 Turkish lessons
The teacher is very positive, patient and supportive!
Aug 4, 2023
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