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Привет! Меня зовут Евгения, друзья и близкие зовут меня Женя. Я общительный и дружелюбный человек с хорошим чувством юмора) Я люблю животных (у меня есть 2 собаки) и увлекаюсь хендмейдом, графическим дизайном, информационными технологиями. Hey! My name is Evgenia, but my friends and relatives call me Zhenya. I am a sociable and friendly person with a good sense of humor) I love animals (I have 2 dogs) and I am fond of handmade, graphic design, IT.

Russian Lessons

Trial Lesson
14 lessons completed
USD 5.00+
Разговорная практика. Speaking practice.
A1 -  B2

Conversation Practice

308 lessons completed
USD 10.00
Комплексное занятие. Complex lesson.
A1 -  B2


539 lessons completed
USD 12.00
Package with 16% off
Урок по грамматике. Grammar lesson
A1 -  B1


45 lessons completed
USD 12.00
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104 Reviews

Sam Olmsted
6 Russian lessons
Evgenia is very patient both inside and outside of the lessons. Russian has always been a passion of mine and it's wonderful to finally start to learn the language. Despite my busy schedule and many mistakes, Evgenia is extremely helpful and encouraging. I am finally making progress on a life long goal. 
Nov 16, 2023
Sara Buscema
1 Russian lesson
I had a great first lesson with Evgenia ! She is really good at explaining tricky grammar rules in a easy and straightforward way and she adapted the lessons based on my needs .
Oct 28, 2023
18 Russian lessons
Женя helps me repeat all my long forgotten grammar in a great way. We do a lot of practice and she always includes some fun stuff like rolling dices to find the next sentence to build, or gives you a nice recipe for a russian salad. I think it is important to mention that Женя is very well organized and always gives you a PDF with the material used in the lesson and some optional homework / feedback what to repeat by yourself. I really like and look forward to the lessons with her. Спасибо большое Женя!
Oct 24, 2023
7 Russian lessons
I've had a great first lesson with Evgenia. I'm looking forward to the next lesson!
Sep 30, 2023
Alejandro García
1 Russian lesson
Очень хороший урок с Евгенией. Мне было очень комфортно с ней. Она всегда объясняет и исправляет ваши ошибки и записывает их в чат. A very good lesson with Eugenia. I have been very comfortable with her. She explains and corrects your mistakes at all times and writes them in the chat.
Jul 19, 2023
💥 Giampiero Fermini
28 Russian lessons
Una lección muy interesante, divertida y con nuevo vocabulario, como siempre. Muchas gracias, Evgenia. Echaba de menos nuestras clases.
Jul 16, 2023
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