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Hi :) I am a certified and experienced teacher with over 14 000 lessons on italki.
From South AfricaLiving in Other, South Africa (23:30 UTC+02:00)
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italki teacher since Apr 2, 2013
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Hello, I'm a native English speaker from South Africa, and I've been teaching English online since 2012. I can help you with grammar, vocabulary, and exam preparation. I also enjoy having casual conversations and asking questions. I'm a curious person, so I'm happy to talk about almost any topic. Growing up in South Africa, where there are 11 official languages, has given me experience with different cultures and languages. In my free time, I like hiking, cycling, gardening, doing yoga, surfing, and reading. Let's have a chat and explore new topics together! 😊

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1,652 Reviews

Student Simon Künzli
Simon Künzli
122 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Whatever I come up with, you are always capable to explain every detail accurately and with great educational patience. You tailor each lesson meticulously and if necessary spontaneously to me need. Your skills as a teacher impresses me in every class. Thanks for being my teacher for years and dozens of hours
Aug 9, 2023
Student gerhard
22 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
My one-on-one English class with Jessie was simply amazing! Her expertise and personalized approach made every session valuable. She explained grammar and vocabulary with clarity, boosting my understanding. Jessie's warm and supportive environment encouraged my growth. Her dedication and creative activities enhanced my proficiency. I highly recommend Jessie as an exceptional one-on-one English teacher. Thank you, Jessie, for the incredible learning experience!
Jun 9, 2023
Student Dominique
248 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
I took a lot of lessons (more than 100) and I had many teachers (more than 15) and I can tell that Jessie is one of my favorite teachers. Why? Because she is very attentive, she always gives me the floor when I want to speak. She speaks but not too much (some teachers are too talkative!)And what I prefer she asks me a lot of questions. We had many discussions about different topics (travelling, dating on line, tourism, South Africa…) and it was always interesting. Thank you SUPER Jessie.
May 2, 2017
Student melanie.koller
2 English lessons
Amazing first hour - thank you so much 🎀🎀
Mar 21, 2024
Student Simon Künzli
Simon Künzli
122 English lessons
Jessy is a highly flexible teacher and is able to adapt even spontaneously the contents to the students need. She tailors the lesson precisely to my goals and guide me to a higher level.
Feb 21, 2024
Student Ilia Dotsenko
Ilia Dotsenko
20 English lessons
Great class! The teacher was prepared and was very patient. I learned a lot of new things and got to talk a lot.
Feb 8, 2024
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