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Profesora de ingl, alem español con 5 años de experiencia / Spanish & TELF-certified English teacher
From ColombiaLiving in Bogota, Colombia (19:55 UTC-05:00)
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Hello! My name is Maria Camila and I am an English and Spanish teacher. I am originally from Colombia but I have lived abroad in different countries such as Spain and Germany, and travelled to many others. Currently I am studying medicine and doing a minor in German culture and neuroscience. My mother language is Spanish. I am very passionate about learning new languages and about teaching and helping people to achieve their goals. Hola! Mi nombre es Maria Camila, soy una profesora de Ingles, Español y Aleman. Soy de Colombia pero he vivido en diferentes paises lo cual me ha permitido mejorar y perfeccionar el manejo de los diferentes idiomas. Me apasionan los idomas y enseñar.

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143 Reviews

Student Maciej Sokolowski
Maciej Sokolowski
10 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
María Camila es la maestra perfecta! Nuestras lecciones no son sólo un aprendizaje, sino también la placer :) Siento que estoy progresando con cada lección :) ¡Recomiendo lecciones con María Camila a cualquiera que quiera mejorar su idioma! ¡Recomiendo que reserves una clase con ella! / María Camila is the perfect teacher! Our lessons are not only learning, but also pleasure :) I feel like I'm progressing with each lesson :) I recommend lessons with María Camila to anyone who wants to improve their language! I recommend that you book a class with her! / María Camila ist die perfekte Lehrerin! Unser Unterricht ist nicht nur Lernen, sondern auch Vergnügen :) Ich habe das Gefühl, dass ich mit jeder Lektion Fortschritte mache :) Ich empfehle den Unterricht bei María Camila jedem, der seine Sprache verbessern möchte! Ich empfehle Ihnen, einen Kurs bei ihr zu buchen!
Feb 16, 2024
Student thejchew
8 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I did my first hour lesson with Maria today! She came prepared with a PowerPoint and we started working on some gaps in my Spanish that we identified in our trial lesson. She was prepared with a PowerPoint, and the lesson was clear and concise with time for repetition and practice. She is able to answer all my questions quickly and makes it really easy to understand the material. Looking forward to continuing our lessons together and progressing my Spanish!
Dec 12, 2022
Student Ben Earle
Ben Earle
6 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Maria is a pleasure to speak with. Very helpful that she speaks perfect English and can assist you when you're struggling with finding the right word/verb/tense in Spanish. Highly recommend.
Jan 22, 2022
Student Quim
2 English lessons
Good lesson with Maria Camila. She is very patient and creative. I've enjoyed her lesson and I'm waiting for the next!
May 15, 2024
Student jerome
1 Spanish lesson
Fantastica lesson. Appprendeamos a el futuro. Muy fácil de apprenter de esta manera! Muchas gracias
May 13, 2024
Student David Thorne
David Thorne
1 Spanish lesson
¡Que beuna conversación! me gustó hablando con Maria, ella es amable y chistosa. También le gusta Star Wars como yo! nunca he tenido la oporunidad de hablar en Español con algien sobre Star Wars.
May 7, 2024
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