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🎀Children(2-12)specialist😊专攻儿童🚩Japanese teacher in Taiwan kindergarten🌸JLPT N5 for kids ages 10~
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italki teacher since Dec 20, 2021
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🌞Children's Specialized Japanese Teacher 🌞6 years experience teaching Japanese at a kindergarten in Taiwan 🌞130+ years experience teaching online to children from 1-10 years old 🌞Motto "No Fun, No Class 🌞Certified Japanese teacher 🌞Completed 440 hours of Japanese teacher training course 🌞Certified childcare worker 🌞Experience working in a daycare center and babysitting 🌞Passed German exam GOETHE-ZERTIFIKAT 🌞Studied at Friedrich Schiller University (Germany) 🌞Short-term study abroad in Australia. 💕I love children💕

Japanese Lessons

Trial Lesson
5 lessons completed
USD 7.00+
☕🍰Useful Japanese for the ages(13~)& adults🚅🛩️
A1 -  C2

Conversation Practice

16 lessons completed
USD 11.00+
🍓🍓🍓Enjoy lessons for young children( 2-5 years old ) 30min/1lesson only
A1 -  B1


38 lessons completed
USD 11.00+
🍎🍎🍎Enjoy lessons for 6 years old to 12(elementary school students)
A1 -  C2


95 lessons completed
USD 11.00+


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15 Reviews

Catherine J.
23 Japanese lessons
We have been working with Chico Sensei for several months now and have made so much progress. Chico Sensei create highly engaging lessons including games for us to play together. She's encouraging, fun, kind, and filled with joyful energy. My eight-year old is always excited for our lessons and remains focused throughout. It is really exciting to see the words and phrases begin to come naturally. Thank you, Chico Sensei!
May 7, 2023
Catherine J.
23 Japanese lessons
Chico Sensei is absolutely wonderful! My eight year old loves to work with her and is learning so much. The immersion style learning is a very effective way to learn as we find ourselves motivated to use the phrases we've learned to communicate with each other in class. Her activities are very engaging and fun and she is an absolute joy to interact with and is very good with children. Signing up for her courses is our favorite Christmas present to ourselves! We are so lucky to have her as our Sensei!
Dec 29, 2022
Mychale Ghelani
32 Japanese lessons
I initially signed my toddler up with Chico Sensei and sat with her during her lesson. Chico Sensei was able to hold her attention with things she was interested in such as balloons and sushi as well as fun songs and toys. Chico Sensei has so much positive energy and seems to take a lot of time mapping out her lessons. I am now taking her lessons and love her just the same. She really caters the lesson to my level and interest. She is also super kind and fun! I would highly recommend her!
Aug 11, 2022
12 Japanese lessons
Chico Sensei is the highlight of our week! I have a very very active toddler who likes to run around and it's hard to get her to settle down, but Chico Sensei does a great job of trying to draw her back into the activities. Amy always says " I want to visit Chico Sensei in Japan!"
Apr 21, 2022
17 Japanese lessons
My son is a new starter to Japanese. It’s so impressive that he’s enjoying the whole class. Thank you Teacher Chico:)
Apr 9, 2022
12 Japanese lessons
Always a great lesson with Chico Sensei.
Apr 7, 2022
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