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Bilel C.

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Experienced Native English Teacher with 7+ years of experience ⭐️ | Improve your SPEAKING CONFIDENCE
From CanadaLiving in Algiers, Algeria (11:49 UTC+01:00)
About Me
italki teacher since Dec 18, 2021
Interest topicBusiness & FinanceSports & FitnessMarketingTechMusic
Hello! I'm Bilel from Canada. I have been teaching English for years! I have accumulated over [2500+ hours] of online English Language teaching; I enjoy it a lot, I have a lot of fun whenever I teach – I'm talkative, respectful, disciplined, lighthearted, resourceful and humorous. I am calm and patient with students; the process of breaking down seemingly complex aspects of language into simple, clear, digestible chunks is a skill that I feel lucky and proud to be having. 🙏 I am a HUGE fan of music, psychology, philosophy, yoga & fitness, and geography and I always appreciate nice conversations. So, I invite you to book a lesson with me and let's improve your speaking skills, shall we? 😄

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3 lessons completed
USD 14.99+
Business Conversational English - Corporate English -FOR IT/TECH-
B1 -  C2


6 lessons completed
USD 14.00+
Business Conversational English - Corporate English -FOR Oil & Gas-
B1 -  C2


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Business Conversational English - Corporate English
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6 Reviews

Student alla
5 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
I like Bilel’s energy and creativity. Lessons with him are like a conversation with an old friend, but with benefits for development.
Dec 17, 2023
Student Samuel Orlando de la
Samuel Orlando de la
26 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
I feel confortable with this lesson since ai could express my ideas and understand anything we talked about. I recommend Bilel to take this private lesson because he was very kind and empathetic
Dec 5, 2023
Student Elvira Masinovic
Elvira Masinovic
6 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
I would recommend Bilel if you want to improve your speaking, writing and reading skills. He does it in a fun and engaging way. He can be very creative in explaining vocabulary words. He is very caring, will go an extra mile to help you whether with a job interview or writing a cover letter( even helping with technical things). He tries to stimulate you by asking various questions on various topics that make you think critically. The lessons are very engaging and you can notice your progression with getting the confidence to use complex words.
Nov 19, 2023
Student Nikita
2 English lessons
It was a great experience to study with Bilel! Thanks a lot!
Jan 10, 2024
Student Samuel Orlando de la
Samuel Orlando de la
26 English lessons
Exellent lesson! Thanks a lot.
Dec 8, 2023
Student Ruslan Kozyrenko
Ruslan Kozyrenko
21 English lessons
Bilal is an excellent teacher! He helped me to start speaking, he helped me understand grammar. He always has a million and one examples to make sure you fully grasp the topic or your question. You'll never get bored with him; he can always find a conversation topic and keep it going. I recommend him as a great teacher who will definitely assist you in learning the language!
Dec 4, 2023
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