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From VenezuelaLiving in Caracas, Venezuela (17:48 UTC-04:00)
Journalist-Education Professional. Spanish teacher with more than 6 years of experience!
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italki teacher since Mar 25, 2022
Hi! My name is Javier, I am from Venezuela and I am 33 years old. I am a friendly and patient person who enjoys learning from other people, I like to play the bass guitar, meditation, reading and to spend time with my family and friends. I enjoy talking with people from different cultures and i've found that this is one of the best thing about teaching Spanish online.

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Easy Spanish grammar / Gramática fácil en Español (Beginners & Intermediate)
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33 Reviews

Dallas Sims
8 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Your search is over, Javier is the tutor you have been searching for! Of course you come to your lessons excited and motivated (possibly a little shy, but Javier quickly puts you at ease) but you don't often find a tutor whose enthusiasm for teaching rivals your own. He is fun yet professional, flexible but has a plan, and has a valuable grasp on both español y inglés. I'm looking forward to many more lessons with my nuevo compañero en el aprendizaje venezolano.
Aug 23, 2022
Ashley Smith
2 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Hi, he is very good to fit my needs and genuinely passionate about hat he is doing where other tutors fail to do what they say they will and take my money or nothing. Javier was both professional as well as friendly and passionate at the same time.
Aug 19, 2022
Alet Brown
77 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I had my first lesson with Javier today and immediately booked four more lessons with him. He is knowledgeable, personable, and makes me excited to learn Spanish. He asked enough questions to create a plan that meets my needs and speaking level, and is very organized. I can't wait for our next lesson and would definitely recommend him!
Apr 14, 2022
5 Spanish lessons
An excellent teacher. I am glad to have found Javier’s conversation lessons. From the first lesson he made sure the classes were tailored to the colloquialisms of the regions I was most likely to visit and on the topics I was interested in. Conversation with Javier comes easy, and he is quick to correct mistakes with clear explanation. I’d recommend his lessons to anyone hoping to improve their speaking and listening skills in Spanish! Thank you Javier!
Jan 30, 2023
6 Spanish lessons
Javier es un gran profesor! Es muy inteligente y muy simpatico. Tiene mucha paciencia y es muy claro. Lo recomiendo altamente!
Jan 26, 2023
2 Spanish lessons
The lesson today made me feel uncomfortable. We talked about false cognates. He shared how the word “negro” was an endearing term used with his friend and gave examples of sentences. I explained that it’s not seen as an endearing term here in America and asked him to not use that word in sentences to refer to his friend during my lesson. It’s important for teachers to be sensitive when using words to refer to darker skinned individuals generally. If he uses that to refer to his friend and his friend is ok with it, that should be used privately with just his friend. It’s important to be aware of cultural differences as well as vocabulary that is appropriate. He did apologize at the end of the lesson. He did also say that he wouldn’t use that term again.
Jan 17, 2023
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