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Professor Javier

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8+ Years of Spanish Mastery Awaits: Let's Learn Together!
From VenezuelaLiving in Caracas, Venezuela (23:46 UTC-04:00)
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italki teacher since Mar 25, 2022
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Hello! I'm Javier, and I take pride in being your guide on the exciting journey of learning Spanish. Hailing from Venezuela and with 34 years of experience in this beautiful world, I'm a friendly and patient individual. My passions range from playing the bass guitar to meditation, reading, and, of course, spending time with my family and friends. What I enjoy the most is the enriching exchange with people from different cultures, and this is precisely what makes teaching Spanish online a unique experience.

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114 lessons completed
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Speaking & Listening Fluency (Start Sounding like a Native)
B1 -  C2

Conversation Practice

506 lessons completed
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Easy Spanish grammar / Gramática fácil en Español (Beginners & Intermediate)
A1 -  C1


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Exam Preparation A2-C2
A2 -  C2

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98 Reviews

Student Mark Yu
Mark Yu
24 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have taken over 15 classes with Professor Javier, and I couldn't be more pleased with the experience. His classes are fun, interactive, and enjoyable, making learning a truly engaging process! He customizes the study plan based on my current progress, ensuring that each lesson is tailored to my needs. I began by learning basic grammar, and now I'm moving on to the intermediate level. Thank you, Professor Javier, for making this journey so rewarding!
May 28, 2024
Student Alex Yazkov
Alex Yazkov
11 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Javier is a great Spanish teacher whose positive attitude and teaching style significantly enhance the learning experience. He has a remarkable ability to explain complex concepts clearly and concisely, making the learning process both effective and enjoyable. One of Javier's standout qualities is his use of numerous examples to illustrate grammatical points and vocabulary usage, ensuring that students can grasp the material in a practical context. Furthermore, his proactive approach in identifying and addressing students' needs, coupled with his willingness to go the extra mile, makes him an invaluable resource for anyone looking to improve their Spanish skills. His dedication and passion for teaching are evident in every lesson, making him highly recommended for students at any level of proficiency
Mar 18, 2024
Student Josh Nicholas
Josh Nicholas
11 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
After only a 30 minute intro with Javier, I am certain that he will be able to exceed my expectations and help me in my journey to Spanish fluency. He was very thorough listening to my goals, providing tips, notes and material to help with my progress. I will absolutely be booking lessons for the foreseeable future with Javier, he has a fantastic approach to teaching and immediately understood my level and what direction we should be going with my lessons
Mar 11, 2024
Student jules.dumont
15 Spanish lessons
Llevo 2 meses aprendiendo español con Javier. Es un gran placer compartir estos momentos de aprendizaje con él. Entiende y adapta sus clases a mis necesidades. Recomendaría a Javier a cualquiera que busque un profesor de español dinámico, atento y profesional !
Jun 7, 2024
Student Max
1 Spanish lesson
I booked an instant lesson late at night with Javier to try out iTalki. I had a great introductory lesson with him. He is very nice and good at explaining languages. I look forward to more lessons with him in the future!
Jun 5, 2024
Student davenbridget2009
2 Spanish lessons
Just had my first trial lesson with Javier. It was very enjoyable and went very well. I am looking forward to future lessons with him. Javier is a very nice guy and I am sure Javier will help me to improve my Spanish.
May 6, 2024
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