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I've been supporting Japanese for about 6 years since I was a university student
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Hello, everyone! I'm Urumi. Thank you for checking out my profile page ☺︎ I’m a native Japanese speaker from Tokyo🗼and a freelance Japanese instructor. I was studying in Korea, so I can speak Korean. On top of that, I can speak a little English, too! I'm a very curious person, so I like to try various things and have new experiences. I'm really into watching movies, dramas, and anime🎬, and also going traveling✈️ I'd like to help you improve your Japanese level, and work on the areas that you are concerned about✨ I hope we can have a wonderful time together!

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7 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Urumi is so sweet and patient! She is the first teacher that I have done on this website and already two classes in, I have learn so much than I did in the three months I was trying to self teach myself. I am new to learning Japanese and she has been so helpful on helping me grow my vocabulary, reading and speaking. I love that she always speaks in Japanese for majority of the class and she writes down all the vocabulary that you don't recognize when she talks to you. It is super helpful to review after her class. I look forward to growing more in her class and I hope I can reach conversational level soon! Highly recommend Urumi!
Nov 13, 2023
41 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Urumi gave a great lesson and asked lots of really good questions about how and where I wanted to focus my studies. After getting to know each other a bit, she asked a lot of open questions so that I had plenty of opportunities to speak. Her pronunciation is also fantastic, so will be perfect for people that aren't so confident with their listening yet. レッスンはめっちゃ楽しくてうるみも頑張ってくれたのでとても満足。italkiなら結構新しい講師なんですがちっともそう感じない!機械があれば、うるみのレッスンを受けるこたは勧めます!
Mar 23, 2022
39 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
She's very sweet and fun to talk to! She does her best to meet each student's needs and wants. Also, her pronunciation and intonation are very clear, so it's very easy to understand! Whenever I say something that doesn't sound natural, she would tell me the natural expressions and correct words. She is amazing! I highly recommend her :) 우루미상 너무 스윗하시고 대화할 때 재밌어요! 각 학생들의 목표라던가 집중하고 싶은 부분들이 있을 때 그거에 맞춰 잘 도와주세요. 그리고 발음이랑 억양도 너무 깔끔하셔서 알아듣기도 굉장히 쉬워요! 제가 부자연스러운 표현을 쓰거나 상황에 적절하지 않은 단어를 쓸 때 자연스럽게 고쳐주시는 것도 좋아요. 우루미상 강추합니당 :)
Mar 18, 2022
97 Japanese lessons
너무 재미있고 배울것이 많은데 인기가 많아서 예약이 힘들어요
Nov 23, 2023
Glenn D. Shaw
20 Japanese lessons
I very much enjoy meeting with Urumi. She keeps the conversation in japanese and is super fun and patient
Nov 20, 2023
Yang Zheyan
2 Japanese lessons
Urumi is an energetic and enthusiastic teacher. She knows how to inspire and guide my motivation to learn Japanese.
Nov 17, 2023
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