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My name is Alicia and i'm 25 years old, my passions in life are travelling , animals and nature. A few years ago I decided to combine these passions and started travelling around the world and volonteering in several different animal shelters or conservation spaces. I speak fluently French, German, English and also a bit of Spanish. Je m'appelle Alicia, j'ai 25 ans et mes passions dans la vie sont le voyage, les animaux et la nature.Il y a quelques ans j'ai décidé de combiner ces passions et j'ai commencé à voyager à travers le monde et à faire du volontariat dans différents refuges et espaces de conservations. Je parles couramment Français, Allemand et Anglais et aussi un peu d'espagnol.

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64 Reviews

Student Megann
49 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Alicia is amazing! She's engaging, dynamic, and friendly, and from the moment we started talking, adapted her French to a level that would be clear but also usefully challenging. She picks a theme for each lesson and comes prepared with a series of fascinating questions that can be answered in different ways. They always lead to wonderful discussions and push my vocabulary and my ability to articulate both concrete and abstract ideas, which I really appreciate. Alicia has lived and traveled in many different cultures, and she brings these experiences to every conversation. Insofar as one goal of language learning is cultural exchange, Alicia knocks it out of the park by bringing so much thoughtfulness and experience to every conversation... and that's in addition to her many other merits as a language teacher. There's never a dull moment with Alicia, and I highly recommend learning with her.
Nov 7, 2022
Student Agneta Klahr
Agneta Klahr
16 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
I am so happy to have found Alicia! I have just finished my introductory lesson and I plan to stick with her going forward. She is perfect for me: motivating, multi-faceted and curious about others. She gives me ample room to express myself and helps me when I get stuck. I feel I will be learning loads as I progress with her. She is the right fit for me: fun, down to earth, with a beautiful manner about her. I was so happy after my lesson and would highly recommend her to anybody wanting to improve their French in a fun and relaxed way. They say that language flows when you are relaxed. I certainly felt this was the case with Alicia!
Feb 2, 2022
Student Alex
11 French lessons
Alicia is an excellent French teacher on Italki. I took some lessons with her for French conversation and now I feel much more confident in speaking. I would recommend Alicia for learners of all levels. She is very flexible in adjusting times if something unexpected comes up in life and you need to reschedule. Overall, I am very happy with my progress in French.
Apr 10, 2024
Student Luke Cornwell
Luke Cornwell
2 French lessons
Speaking with Alicia is great. She speaks very clearly and asks lots of questions, keeping up a very enjoyable conversation.
Mar 29, 2024
Student Kris
5 French lessons
Thank you so much for helping me prepare for my french exam. Great lesson today. :)
Jan 13, 2024
Student Kris
5 French lessons
It was very nice meeting you and chatting with you in french. Looking forward to working on my goals during our next lessons!
Jan 13, 2024
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