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Hi! My name is Hideki, Japanese. My occupation is a chemical researcher. I had lived in Osaka for six years, Tokyo for the job for seven years, and Brisbane for study abroad for two years. My hobbies are travelling, history, and manga: One Piece, Naruto, Tokyo Goule, Attack on Tighten, etc... Let's enjoy learning Japanese together! はじめまして、わたしの名前(なまえ)はヒデキです。日本人(にほんじん)です。 職業(しょくぎょう)は、化学系(かがくけい)の研究者(けんきゅうしゃ)です。 大学(だいがく)で大阪(おおさか)に6年(ろくねん)、仕事(しごと)で東京(とうきょう)に7年(ななねん)、ブリスベンに2年(にねん)住(す)んでいました。 わたしの趣味(しゅみ)は、旅行(りょこう)、歴史(れきし)、マンガです。One Piece, Naruto, Tokyo Goule, Attack on Tighten, などが好きです。 一緒(いっしょ)に楽(たの)しく日本語(にほんご)を学(まな)びましょう!

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Let's Practice Speaking in Japanese
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Reading Japanese News for Basic and Intermediate
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26 Reviews

Neil Silver
34 Japanese lessons
Over a number of sessions, I read with my teacher a portion of a popular Japanese light fiction novel series. My teacher helpfully provided me with a list of "missed" vocabulary after each lesson. He also helped elucidate the meaning of typically Japanese "non-subject" sentences and other cultural-linguistic differences with my native language.
Dec 10, 2022
Neil Silver
34 Japanese lessons
Very helpfully, Hideki-san followed up with a list of words I stumbled over.
Sep 17, 2022
Neil Silver
34 Japanese lessons
Reading a mystery novel together. Helping esp. when the subject of sentences (as is frequent in Japanese) is unstated and how the subject can be "identified" by subtle clues.
Sep 10, 2022
Neil Silver
34 Japanese lessons
From mid-January through July 1, with the help of Wakayama-san, I read through a Japanese friend's fairly complicated memoir of his 30-plus years working at a Japanese auto parts and products distribution company, spanning the years between the 1960s to the late 1990s. It was interesting reading Japanese flavored with some arcane, archaic vocabulary, and to find out via the world-wide web that some restaurants mentioned from the 1960s are still operating in Tokyo.
Jul 2, 2022
Harry Z
20 Japanese lessons
Thank you so much for the lesson and lesson material!
Jun 18, 2022
Harry Z
20 Japanese lessons
Thank you very much for helping me read Japanese news!
Jun 11, 2022
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