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Hello. My name is Nycha. I am a native Thai speaker born and raised in Thailand. I enjoy reading books, watching tv series, learning languages, and talking to people from different countries to exchange language and culture. How about you, what do you like to do? Can’t wait to hear it from you! 안녕하세요. 니차입니다! 저는 태국에세 태어났고 지금까지도 살고 있습니다. 그리고 태국의 도시 방콕에서 살니까 백 퍼세트 표준어를 말합니다! 제 취미가 언어 배우기하고 드라마를 보고 노래를 듣기입니다. 외국인이랑 문화 교환도 굉장히 좋아합니다! 여러분은 어떤 거를 좋아하세요?

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56 Reviews

Student Benny To
Benny To
57 Thai lessons
Teacher’s pick
My class with Khruu Nycha has always been relaxed, fun and, above all, very useful. She tailors the class with my needs - thematic conversation on various everyday topics, and she is always well prepared with materials typed on google doc. She also types practically whatever sentences we come up with in class, correct/improve my expressions, onto the google doc so that I can revise readily after class. Khruu Nycha is patient and elegant, and speaks English fluently - that helps a lot with explanation of grammar, stylistics and Thai culture in general. Highly recommended!
Jul 7, 2023
Student Selina
22 Thai lessons
Teacher’s pick
Thank you for the fun class again! I really enjoy reading words/sentences and also trying to form my own sentences! it's also fun having small "conversation" in Thai already (even though my answers are still super short haha), I feel like my understanding gets better each time so thanks a lot! And if I don't understand at first, Nycha repeats the sentences slowly and explains unknown words! it's really motivating and I learn a lot!! thank you! See you next class! 🤗
Jun 8, 2023
Student Mark Foster
Mark Foster
19 Thai lessons
Teacher’s pick
Every lesson with Nycha is a lot of fun! We just have normal conversations in Thai, and when I don't know how to say something or don't understand a concept, she will explain it to me in Thai. If I still don't understand she can switch to English and fully explain things that way. Our conversations are definitely helping me to speak more naturally and fluently! ขอบคุณมากนะครับครูณิชา
Aug 1, 2022
Student Benny To
Benny To
57 Thai lessons
Another very useful and interesting lesson - we discussed the festivals in Thailand, this time starting with the สงกรานต์!
Jun 20, 2024
Student Benny To
Benny To
57 Thai lessons
Another fruitful lesson - after some free chat, we went through an article on Thai culture and its soft power. Learnt a lot of new structure and vocabulary!
May 24, 2024
Student Duane
6 Thai lessons
Nycha is a wonderful kru!
May 17, 2024
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