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*English Below はじめまして!もえこ(Moeko)です. 普段は工場で、デスクワークをしたりメンターをしたりしています。 趣味はサーフィン、ベリーダンス、海外旅行、アニメを見ることです! 特にジブリが大好き!!宮崎駿(Miyazaki Hayao)が好きな人、ぜひ話しましょう! Hi ! I'm Moeko. Usually I do desk work and Japanese advisor of Foreign workers in my father's factory. My hobbies are surfing,Belly dance, overseas trip and watching ANIME. Especially I love GHIBULI ANIMATION. Do you know?! If you know Hayao Miyazaki, Let's talk about him. lol

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-Exchange Diary-交換日記(こうかんにっき)
B1 -  C2


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-free talk-自然(しぜん)な会話(かいわ)を楽(たの)しもう
A1 -  C2

Conversation Practice

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-read the story together-物語(ものがたり)を読(よ)もう
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65 Reviews

Student Artem Tarasov
Artem Tarasov
21 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the wonderful language lessons. Your passion for teaching and the patience you show toward your students is truly admirable. Your lessons are always well-structured and organized, making it easy for me to follow along and learn effectively. I really appreciate the variety of materials you use to supplement our conversations, including videos, articles, and exercises. These resources have been invaluable in helping me to better understand the nuances of the language. Furthermore, your encouragement and feedback have been instrumental in boosting my confidence when speaking the language. You always take the time to correct my mistakes and explain why they were incorrect, which has been incredibly helpful in improving my overall language skills. Thank you again for all that you do. Your dedication to teaching and your passion for the language is truly inspiring. I am looking forward to continuing to learn from you.
Apr 11, 2023
Student Sinta
7 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Mar 17, 2023
Student Yassin
25 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Moeko sensei writes me the words I don't know in sentences and she really pays attention to every detail and will fine-tune my pronunciation and teach me how to say sentence like japanese native speaker. At the end of each lesson, she writes to me all the words I do not know with explanations in Japanese. Thank you Moeko sensei
Jan 19, 2022
Student Evgeny Eroshev
Evgeny Eroshev
1 Japanese lesson
thank you for a wonderful lesson! We got to know each other and had a great conversation about work, family, travelling and musik.
Feb 7, 2024
Student Jorge Durango
Jorge Durango
2 Japanese lessons
Jan 22, 2024
Student Niklas Johansson
Niklas Johansson
7 Japanese lessons
I just had a first lesson with Moeko, and she's is very pleasant and easy to talk to. She will help me find the words when I'm struggling as well as write those words in the chat so that I can add to my Anki deck. If I phrase things unnaturally, she will say so directly, which I think is very helpful in learning to speak naturally. Highly recommended!
Dec 28, 2023
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