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Native Italian speaker with 10 years' experience in tutoring!
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Ciao! :) I'm Elisa, a native Italian speaker from Northern Italy. After attending secondary school (where I studied Latin and Ancient Greek, the languages from which Italian descends) I took a gap year and worked as an Au Pair in Nottingham, UK. It was a great experience! After coming back to Italy, I studied and got a Master's Degree in Psychology and Neuroscience. I love traveling and discovering new cultures. We can learn and broaden our perspectives also behind a screen (grazie tecnologia!), which is why I love listening to your stories and experiences. I also like sports, books and music. Finally, I am interested in Japanese language and culture.

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93 Reviews

Student Gabriella Locricchio
Gabriella Locricchio
18 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
This is a long over due review! Elisa is a true gem on this platform, and so lucky to have found her! I have been learning with Elisa for the past 3 months, and can confidently say my Italian has improved so much since starting. I am still quite a beginner, but have learned a lot since. For any other learners, I study Italian through Babbel which is absolutely great, but having a tutor like Elisa has really reinforced what I’ve learned. Elisa is a organized, polite, and presents all the material very clearly. She also provides examples, homework, and notes too! Elisa really cares if you understand the material and will adjust lessons as needed! Overall, Elisa is excellent and I am excited to keep learning with her!
Mar 16, 2024
Student Henry Falotico
Henry Falotico
95 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Elisa is a natural teacher. Conversation with her flows -- aside from my garbled Italian aha. She effortlessly brings up interesting topics and asks questions that further the discussion. She explains things in a clear, concise manner. More than anything, however, lessons with her are both enriching and entertaining, and the time passes by in a flash. Se fosse possibile darle sei stelle lo farei!
Aug 21, 2023
Student Samantha Singleton
Samantha Singleton
74 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
The Real Deal. Elisa is a rare and wonderful language teacher. Not only is her methodology unique but it’s effective as well. She is flexible and will adapt to how you like to learn. Furthermore, she is so kind that you will find yourself comfortably speaking more Italian in each lesson with confidence. Oh and on top of all that: her English is perfect. A gem!
Dec 14, 2022
Student Jannette Ramirez
Jannette Ramirez
26 Italian lessons
Elisa is a talented teacher. She is very good at explaining complex topics in a simple way. I made so much progress in the 6 months I took classes with her and I am able to speak Italian functionally. Mille Grazie!
May 9, 2024
Student Yu Jie
Yu Jie
1 Italian lesson
Terrific 🧡🧡 my first Italien class 🫶🏼
May 1, 2024
Student Jannette Ramirez
Jannette Ramirez
26 Italian lessons
Apr 30, 2024
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