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✅ Please read the lesson detail carefully before you book a lesson. 予約する前にレッスン詳細を是非読んでください。 Hello. I'm Hana. Nice to meet you. I am a native Korean who was born and raised in Seoul. I speak standard Korean. I am interested in various topics related to languages and cultures. I like to travel around the world and am currently learning Japanese. I am into K-pop and nail art and sometimes draw pictures or take photos. こんにちは。私はハナです。ソウルで生まれ育ちました。だから標準語を話します。私は言語と文化に多くの関心があります。海外旅行が好きで、今日本語とスペイン語を学んでいます。それからK-POPとネイルアートにはまっています。たまには絵をかいたり写真を撮ったりします。

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103 Reviews

32 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
Jul 25, 2022
Evelina Lissoni
34 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
After more than 20 lessons, Hana confirms herself as a fantastic teacher. She is able to adapt her lessons to the students' need very naturally. Moreover, she is very good at explaining nuances of meaning or use of Korean words and expressions. She is also very precise, and she makes sure to provide the perfect corrections in a very friendly and instructive way.
Jun 16, 2022
Jimmy Gwaltney
34 Korean lessons
I had a wonderful Korean class with Hana. We had a short conversation using Korean. My Korean vocabulary is still not too good; so this practice helps me to learn and use new words. We then went over the Korean textbook. Hana helped me with learning some of the Korean grammar points. I will plan to schedule more classes with Hana.
May 1, 2023
85 Korean lessons
I had tried both types of lessons. Both textbook lessons and free conversations and I'm very glad I picked Hana as my teacher. She explains everything till I understand it and is very patient if I struggle with something. And in free conversations though I'm still not that good at talking she encourages and helps me with making sentences and overall she is just very nice and comfortable to talk to.
Apr 27, 2023
Jimmy Gwaltney
34 Korean lessons
I had a wonderful Korean class with Hana tonight. We first had a short conversation, where I tried to use as much Korean vocabulary as I could remember. Then we went over more of the Korean textbook. My classes with Hana have helped me with studying the Korean language. I will plan to take more classes with her.
Apr 24, 2023
Jimmy Gwaltney
34 Korean lessons
I had a wonderful Korean class with Hana. We first had a short conversation using Korean. Then we went through more of the Korean textbook. Hana helped explained to me some of the grammar components. Hana has helped me with learning the Korean language; so I will schedule more classes with her.
Apr 17, 2023
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