Flavio Massignan

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From HungaryLiving in Budapest, Hungary (20:54 UTC+01:00)
Madrelingua italiano, migliora il tuo italiano, ho viaggiato molto ed aiutato diverse persone
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italki teacher since Dec 22, 2021
Sono italiano ma vivo in Ungheria, a Budapest dove sto facendo un dottorato di ricerca in chimica, mi piace viaggiare, la fotografia e il cinema. Nel tempo libero faccio del volontariato presso una ONG dove organizziamo eventi per promuovere la inteculturalità e la diversità. I'm Italian living in Hungary, in Budapest where I'm a PhD student in chemistry, I like travelling, photography and going to the cinema. In my free time, I'm also a volunteer by a NGO, where we organise events to promote interculturality and diversity.

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8 Reviews

Sam Tombarelli
10 Italian lessons
Le lezioni di Flavio sono le migliori! Consiglio vivamente di iscrivermi alle lezioni. Flavio è molto gentile ed è molto disponibile. Sono grato. Flavio's lessons are the best! I highly recommend signing up for classes. Flavio is very kind and is very helpful. I am grateful.
Jan 22, 2023
Sam Tombarelli
10 Italian lessons
Flavio è un grande insegnante! Le lezioni sono divertenti e molto utili. È molto paziente e incoraggiante. Sto imparando velocemente grazie alle sue chiare spiegazioni. Il tempo passa velocemente. Consiglio Flavio! Flavio is a great teacher! The lessons are fun and very helpful. He is very patient and encouraging. I am learning fast thanks to his clear explanations. The time goes by quickly. I recommend Flavio!
Jan 18, 2023
Peter Sohn
40 Italian lessons
When I first started classes with Flavio, I was not quite sure whether I could make it or not, because I did not know a thing about Italian. But now I speak with him in this language, of course, with many grammatical mistakes, but we do not have any problem in communication. We understand each other clearly and talk about many general subjects. It is a kind of miracle for a 72 year old man to be able to speak Italian in less than 6 months. Do you really need or want to learn this beautiful language? Then trust me and follow my pattern. Just ask Flavio to correct all the mistakes you make. And then you will be surprised how fast your Italian improves. Flavio will take you there soon. He is very patient and particularly generous to all your mistakes. You will thank me one day when you finally speak some Italian.
Nov 29, 2022
1 Italian lesson
Flavio e un insegnante molto gentile , abbiamo parlato di tante cose interesante ,con sicurezza posso ricomandarlo per fare conversazioni!
Nov 25, 2022
Peter Sohn
40 Italian lessons
Thanks. Flavio. I am happy to feel that my Italian improves rapidly each time I have a class with you. You are truly a man of ability in teaching. I am confident that I will be able to speak Italian fluently in the near future.
Nov 21, 2022
Peter Sohn
40 Italian lessons
I really enjoy the classes with Flavio. l am so very happy to have found him as my Italian teacher. I am 72 old man and I am afraid that I am too old to learn a totally new language like Italian, but surprisingly enough now I speak only in Italian with Flavio in our class every week. He is very patient and corrects all my mistakes. If you persevere in his class for just 6 months, I am quite sure that you, too, will be able to speak some Italian like me. Be patient in his class just for 6 months and you will be surprised at yourself. Flavio knows how to teach languages.
Nov 13, 2022
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