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Become a German Speaker in no time ... Learn in a relaxing, supportive and engaging atmosphere
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italki teacher since Jan 6, 2022
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Hello everyone, Hope you are doing great! My name is Thomas and I am from Germany. What 3 words describe me the best? Optimistic, Peaceful and Passionate In my free time I enjoy doing several things. Learning languages is one of my favourite activities. I was raised bilingual with Russian and German and since then my interest in languages has grown steadily. My current challange is learning Japanese. Besides that, I love to train Aikido. It is a peaceful Japanese martial arts that really helps shaping my personality. I love to hold speeches and organise workshops. It is one of my goals to become a trainer :) But there is much more ... Let's meet up personally!

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Personalised Lesson - The Allrounder (A1 - C1)
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Conversation lesson (B1 - C2)
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Conversation Practice

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Creative lesson (B1 - C2)
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*NEW* Personality type lesson - Discover your element 🔥💧⛰️🌪️
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33 Reviews

Student Yu Chi
Yu Chi
12 German lessons
Teacher’s pick
I’ve learned with Thomas for ten classes, so far I’ve been enjoying our ride ! Thomas is very patient and humorous, I could speak comfortably with him :) I really like the combination of covering the basics during the class while using a little advanced materials such as book reading or video analysis to enhance my German knowledge quickly. I felt making a lot of progress especially on knowing how this language works and now being able to understand a lot more than before makes me really happy :) I look forward to our next adventure! Dankesehr, Thomas!
Dec 18, 2023
Student Cameron Clark
Cameron Clark
8 German lessons
Teacher’s pick
I just done the personalty test lesson with Thomas. Very informative and a great way to speak about yourself in German. Highly recommended
Jul 10, 2022
Student Annie
11 German lessons
Teacher’s pick
I absolutely love working with Thomas. He is very encouraging and patient. He has provided me with excellent learning materials that challenge me just enough that it is still fun and not frustrating. I am really excited to continue working with him.
Feb 13, 2022
Student Laura
4 German lessons
Thomas prepared a great lesson and was very patient. Since I love literature, it was a great experience. Highly recommended!
Nov 7, 2023
Student Aomi
1 German lesson
Der Lehrer ist sehr nett. Ich habe heute eine Gedichte von Goethe gelernt. Sehr interessantes Thema.
Oct 18, 2023
Student Kevin Loflin
Kevin Loflin
4 German lessons
This was my first lesson. I really liked Thomas. Very casual and would definitely recommend him!
Oct 1, 2023
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