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Would you like to learn FLUENT JAPANESE from "1 of Top 1% JAPANESE teachers of italki in 2022" ?
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DO YOU WANT TO BE A NATURAL JAPANESE SPEAKER? Grammar lessons with "NO text books!" Many pictures and examples are used to make you think and make sentences in Japanese! You will get a bunch of opportunities to speak and listen to Japanese, and that makes you become a NATURAL JAPANESE SPEAKER! Hi. I am Yuzo, Yuzo Nobuta (信田雄三). I live in Tokushima, Japan. After I learned English Linguistics at Kyoto, I graduated a college in California. I majored in art and graphic design. I spend four years there. I love art and I love to talk to people in different cultures. I speak Japanese and English. I love traveling. I have been to the United States, Mexico, Peru, Thailand, Philippines, Korea.

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66 Reviews

Student Daniel Reynolds
Daniel Reynolds
109 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I've put off another review for far too long. Today was my 103rd lesson with Yuuzou-sensei, and I can confirm that even after all this time it feels like every lesson is better than the last, mainly due to my skill increase due to Yuuzou-sensei's very patient and thoughtful teaching. I look forward to a hundred more! 今日はレビューを書くのが本当に遅くなってしまいました。今日で、雄三先生とのレッスンは103回目になりましたが、この全ての時間を通じて、前のレッスンよりも毎回が良くなっているように感じています。それは主に、雄三先生の忍耐強い、思慮深い指導のおかげで、私の能力がどんどん上がっているからです。次の100回のレッスンも楽しみにしています!
Mar 25, 2024
Student Beatriz Aguedo
Beatriz Aguedo
11 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Yuzo-san makes miracles... He is making me talk in Japanese; sometimes I can't believe it! I know it is a long way towards fluency, but with Yuzo-san, I feel I'm on the right path. Thanks for being an awesome tutor!
Aug 15, 2023
Student Nel
96 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
This was my first lesson of the year and I was really happy that Yuzo Sensei gave me ample exercises on grammar, since I needed a strong foundation in order to move forward in my Japanese study. I have been taking lessons with Yuzo Sensei just under a year and he has helped me improve steadily on grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening. Sensei also gives me weekly homework besides the custom-made lessons. Because of these continuous practices, I was confident enough to take the JLPT N5 test. This year I look forward to working more with Yuzo Sensei in order to move up to N4 level.
Jan 14, 2023
Student Ronnie
1 Japanese lesson
Yuzo-sensei was fantastic. We quickly accessed my level and was able to adjust. I really enjoyed our lesson. Thank you
May 22, 2024
Student Asaf Ayalon
Asaf Ayalon
5 Japanese lessons
I highly recommend Yuzo! Although we started a bit late due to a minor misunderstanding, he kindly made up for the lost time by continuing our conversation. He has a lot of knowledge about various topics, so it's always interesting to chat with him. He knows how to adapt the conversation's level to your level and is very patient when you get stuck. 教えてくれてありがとうございます!
Apr 26, 2024
Student RobertViolin
4 Japanese lessons
Yuzo-sensei is an awesome teacher! I've been taking lessons for a month now. He is very patient and explains things very clearly. I really enjoy taking lessons with him!
Apr 7, 2024
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