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반가워요 :) 저는 아이토키에서 커뮤니티 튜터로 활동하고 있는 clare에요. Nice to meet you :) I'm clare of a community tutor at Italki. My interestig is watching movie in Netflix, Disney+ I wanna talk with you about your interested in culture, movie, music, country ect.. I'm sure it'll be a fun and useful time. 私の趣味はNetflix, Disney+で映画を観ることです。 私は文化、映画、音楽、国など皆さんの関心事について話したいと思います。 そしてきっと楽しくて有益な時間になると信じています。

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2 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
I had two lessons with Clare so far. I really enjoyed her methods. The first time, we talked about various topics and she took notes on italki for me. This time, she sent me a script that I prepared in advance and we then talked freely about the topic. It was really good for me, because I could prepare everything. However I am still a beginner and I know that I have to review the words and structures and study the grammar on my own to be able to use them without my notes. Clare is very motivating, I have to be careful while listening to understand everything, and she is very patient and gives me feedback when I made mistakes. That is very helpful. Thank you for your patience and your help! 🌸🌈🍒
Jul 2, 2023
6 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
Clare is a really really great teacher on many aspects. She is really patient and listens to you attentively, making sure you understand each bit and feel sure about the expressions. Best part to me is that I am myself a very shy person and I struggle with talking to new people or when I’m requested an effort to speak well (in a foreign language) but because she is very kind and gentle, I always am in a good mood when it’s time for our lesson. For anyone struggling with the same issue, I really suggest you her the most.
Sep 13, 2022
Eleanor Ben Shlush
28 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
Claire is great, she knows how to detect problems and difficulties and help me work on them to improve and this is very important to anyone who wishes to improve in their language learning journey. The lesson passes by very quickly and feels very efficient. Highly recommended :)
Jul 5, 2022
Tati 🌼
9 Korean lessons
i have been booking lessons with her to improve my speaking and despite being inconsistent with my study schedule and money, i always go back to her because i love our talks. she makes me feel very comfortable and i also believe i am slowly losing the fear of speaking in korean despite lacking still, and all because of this teacher <3 thank you for helping me so much!
Oct 18, 2023
Oleksandra Shevchuk
2 Korean lessons
These lessons will be great for you even if you have a higher level and want to talk about harder topics
Sep 9, 2023
Oleksandra Shevchuk
2 Korean lessons
Very nice and interactive teacher. Highly recommend.
Sep 8, 2023
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