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From United KingdomLiving in London, United Kingdom (03:36 UTC+00:00)
Rated top 1% by italki in 2022. Experienced TEFL teacher with a background in Writing and Lecturing
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italki teacher since Dec 31, 2021
Hello, my name is Tony. I live in the United Kingdom. I have a First-Class Bachelors Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Ethics and have spent much of my professional life as a writer. I try to keep my working life new and engaging and have had various occupations from construction to writing. In recent years, I have lived in many different places and have constantly been adapting my life to new opportunities, places and projects. My hobbies include music, reading, playing video games and keeping fit.

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30 Reviews

alan kwok
17 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Tony is a patient, efficient and considerate teacher. In this lesson, he guided me through the process of improving and rewriting a personal statement for graduate school application. I have learned how to tell my story in a more engaging way, an important skill not only in school but also in the workplace.
Dec 30, 2022
28 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Tony is very knowledgeable and professional. We've discussed many topics and each time he has provided a new perspective and knowledge, Tony's lessons have been very helpful for me in learning the language and I strongly recommend him ;)
Jul 30, 2022
12 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Tony is awesome!SUPER intelligent and has dialectical critiques on different topics. So we will have debates on ethical topics like abortion, euthanasia, morality, conscription, medicine and science, very rewarding lessons, my mind used to be a mess but I think I am clearer about my thoughts and positions now, especially during the arguments with my family and friends, all is to win the game LOL
May 21, 2022
Ali AlHamadah
10 English lessons
It was a vibrant discussion.
Oct 27, 2022
Ali AlHamadah
10 English lessons
I enjoyed my first lesson with Tony and am looking forward to the next one.
Oct 26, 2022
4 English lessons
very useful . well explanations and examples
Oct 20, 2022
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