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Hello, I am Cherry. I am Indonesian. I am able to speak Mandarin, English and Bahasa Indonesia. I like to read books (fiction or non-fiction both are fine for me), watch any kind of movie (especially detective/mystery genre), listen to C-POP and even K-POP music, deliver a speech and write an article too. Anyway, I would be more than happy to have friends from all around the world and sharing interesting culture fun fact to each other. Looking forward to see you soon in my next class! 你好,我是Cherry,土生土长印尼人。我能说汉语,英语和印尼语。我喜欢看书(小说或非小说都喜欢)、看电影(尤其侦探、神秘类型)、听华语歌或韩国歌、演讲和写文章。我非常喜欢和全球各地的人交朋友,希望能互相分享各国有趣的文化小知识。期待在下一堂课见到你!

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102 Reviews

Student Zuko
5 Indonesian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Cherry is a very fluent spontaneous gifted speaker, you would learn from her easily and without feeling boredom. Her ability to speak three languages gives her a clear advantage in teaching how to pronounce new letters and sounds. I strongly recommend her.
Mar 8, 2022
Student Ui Satsuki
Ui Satsuki
1 Indonesian lesson
Teacher’s pick
特别亲切的老师!我开心地学习了印度尼西亚语。课程符合我的要求,非常好。感谢〜〜‼︎ とても親切で丁寧に教えて頂きました。レッスン用の資料もありがとうございます。勉強したい気持ちになりました!
Mar 3, 2022
Student Juan Castañeda
Juan Castañeda
11 Indonesian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Cherry is an excellent teacher, seeks to adapt to your way of learning and is very patient. The class is super fun and allows you to know in detail the current culture of Indonesia
Mar 2, 2022
Student Alex L.
Alex L.
3 Indonesian lessons
As always really good. Really pushes me to speak Indonesian and doesn't speak to much of my native language English. She has good skills in keep the complexity at my level.
May 25, 2024
Student Em McDermott
Em McDermott
21 Indonesian lessons
Another great class practicing my conversation skills and learning more vocabulary. Thanks Cherry :)
May 20, 2024
Student Tian Tan
Tian Tan
4 Indonesian lessons
Really good and really good energy! Both my mind and spirit felt full after the lesson ✨
May 19, 2024
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