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Hello everyone, nice to meet you!Thank you so much for visiting my page.My name is Ruri.I live in Tochigi prefecture,Japan.My hobbies are playing the ukulele,watching movies and anime,cooking and playing with my cats.My favorite foods are Sushi,Ramen and Takoyaki!!🍣🍜🐙 Hola a todos, encantada de conocerte!Muchas gracias por visitar mi página.Mi nombre es Ruri. Vivo en la prefectura de Tochigi, Japón. Mis pasatiempos son tocar el ukelele,ver películas y anime,cocinar y jugar con mis gatos.Mis comidas favoritas son sushi,ramen y takoyaki!! 🍣🍜🐙

Japanese Lessons

Trial Lesson
44 lessons completed
USD 9.00+
🌞🌻Conversation practice Lesson/🌺Clase práctica de conversación
A2 -  C2

Conversation Practice

107 lessons completed
USD 17.00+
😃💎Hiragana&Katakana Lesson/😊Clase de Hiragana&Katakana


66 lessons completed
USD 17.00+
🤗📚Grammar-focused JLPT exam preparation lesson/😊📒Clase centrada en la gramática para el examen de JLPT
A1 -  C2

Test Preparation

240 lessons completed
USD 17.00+
😄🍣👘Practical Japanese Communication and Japanese Culture Lesson Using"Marugoto"textbook/😊🎵Clase de práctica de comunicación japonesa y cultura japonesa usando "Marugoto"
A2 -  B2


75 lessons completed
USD 17.00+
😇📙📗Japanese "GENKI"textbook Lesson for beginners/😊Clase de "GENKI" japonés para principiantes📙
A1 -  A2


198 lessons completed
USD 17.00+
😊🛫🏠Super practical and survival conversation lesson for travel and everyday life/😊Clase de conversación súper prácticas para viajes🛫y la vida cotidiana.🏠✨
A1 -  A2


27 lessons completed
USD 17.00+


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173 Reviews

Hana K
84 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have completed more than 70 lessons with Ruri-sensei. Ruri-sensei's lessons are tailored to my language needs and goals. She always gives many examples to make new grammar points clear and easy to comprehend. Her encouraging and positive personality motivates me to keep studying.
Oct 28, 2023
Amy Bush
16 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I love lessons with Ruri-sensei!! I highly recommend her to anybody wanting to learn Japanese in a safe, judgement-free environment. She is so encouraging and supportive. Her kind words and advice make me feel more confident in learning Japanese, even when I make mistakes. She's friendly and attentive and actively tries to understand what you're saying, even rephrasing it to make sure she understands everything accurately. Today we practiced 「といえども」from Try! N1. Recently, Japanese grammar has been getting more complicated for me as I move into advanced grammar. Even so, I feel like I can really remember them because she uses so many relatable examples. She often adds them into our conversation if it is possible, which makes the grammar so much more useable. I'm so grateful to have her as a teacher! I can't wait for our next lesson!
Oct 10, 2023
Ana Montilla
43 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Ruri is literally the best teacher I could have ever asked for, when I first joined italki I didn't think I would find someone like her! She adapts each class to your needs and makes each lesson super fun while also being professional. I've only been taking classes with her for a few months and I've already noticed a huge difference. I really can't thank her enough. るりさん、いつもありがとうございます 😊
Apr 22, 2023
Alan Chávez
24 Japanese lessons
hoy vimos ubicaciones. Ruri Sensei me ayudó mucho repasando vocabulario pues se me estaba olvidando algo. arigatou
Dec 8, 2023
Amy Bush
16 Japanese lessons
Ruri-sensei is one of the most supportive and most uplifting teachers I have ever had. I've been learning Japanese for years, and she genuinely makes me feel good about speaking Japanese even when I make mistakes. Her endless positivity and patience makes me feel more confident. Learning Japanese is fun in her class! In today's lesson we practiced Try! N1 grammar (Aなりに and Aないでもない). Ruri-sensei gave me many examples and prepared a lot of whiteboard slides with pictures and real-world situations, so I could understand the difficult grammar more easily. I love her whiteboard pages so much. I feel like they are so much better than the textbook pages. I'm really happy to have a teacher like her who goes out of her way for her students. I highly recommend her if you want a teacher who will support you wholeheartedly!
Dec 6, 2023
Alan Chávez
24 Japanese lessons
Hoy reforzamos Imasu y arimasu. Ruri Sensei me apoya mucho cuando se me olvida vocabulario. arigatou gosaimasu
Dec 4, 2023
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