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A freelance writer who is always passionate about helping people with their Indonesian and English.
From IndonesiaLiving in Depok, Indonesia (00:23 UTC+07:00)
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italki teacher since Jul 30, 2022
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Hi, there. My name is Intan Deviana. I work as a contributing writer for one of the online media in Indonesia. I've been contributing hundreds of Indonesian articles since December 2018, mostly about travel and food. I'm so into traveling, doing outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, and also writing and hanging out with friends in English.

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42 Reviews

Chingyu Yang
16 Indonesian lessons
Di kelas ini, kita membahas dan menputuskan untuk belajar dari video yang aku merasa menarik. Aku akan kirim linknya. Terus, guru bisa lihat sebelum kelas dimulai. Kali lain, aku akan coba deskripsi kontennya.
Feb 26, 2024
40 Indonesian lessons
Thank you for your help, Intan! I had so much fun learning about Indonesian "Kos" with you. It took me forever to read an article, but you were patient and supportive the whole time during the class. You don't know how encouraging it was for me, struggling in my target language. Terima kasih! Sampai jumpa lagi~
Feb 22, 2024
15 Indonesian lessons
We talked about an article that Intan had written about the export of banana tree leaves and their uses. It was a very interesting class.
Feb 21, 2024
15 Indonesian lessons
In the lesson we talked generally about what we have been doing and then about an article discussing student loans in Indonesia. Very interesting and useful Indonesian practise for me. It's a pleasure to have a class with Intan.
Feb 15, 2024
E :)
3 Indonesian lessons
One of the best Indo teachers I've tried on Italki. She has a vibrant, patient and lovely personality which makes the lesson enjoyable and comfortable. She is very knowledgable and open when I told her my suggested lesson structure. I learnt a lot! Thank you, and looking forward to the future lessons
Feb 8, 2024
15 Indonesian lessons
We talked about an article about why young Indonesians don't want to become farmers. Intan explain clearly the parts I didn't understand and asked good questions to check my comprehension. Very helpful class.
Feb 7, 2024
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